Continuing Story Part 7

The next day Dahlia went to school without any problems with her eyes, but when school

was over, she kept her promise to the eye doctor and paid his office a visit. He was expecting her and welcomed her in and offered her a seat. He finished up some paper work he was working on and then placed it in the filing cabinet and shut the drawers.

He motioned for her to come on in to his eye room and here they would take a closer look

English: Dahlia x hybrida

at her inner eyes. She got up from her seat and followed him in. After making her comfortable in the vision chair, he explained what he was going to do and ask her if she was alright with this, and she nodded yes.

He walked over and turned the lights on the eye machine then got some plastic coated cards ready in front of him, and then walked over and turned off the over head light. He had her sit upright straight in her chair and fitted the machine up to her eyes. With his tools he looked deep into her eyes, studying the back of the eyeball. He had her do some reading tests and then placed a few drops of liquid in each eye, forcing the eye to open wider in the back of the eyeball, and then took another light and looked deeper in the eye.

After he was finished he turned the lights off to the vision machine, and walked over and flipped the over head light back on. He walked back towards her and she saw that he had a serious look on his face, and his fingers were toying with his moustache.

He explained to her that some of the optical nerves in the back of her eye were becoming weak and breaking off, causing the brain to not recognize what it needs to and she was beginning to go blind.

She sat there expressionless and speechless. There was silence in the room for a few moments as both were taking in their findings. The doctor went on to explain that at this time there just was no cure for this as the scientists have not discovered what causes this to happen in young people. She was going to continue to see less and less until one day she would see nothing at all.

Dahlia began to cry and the doctor walked over to her and placed his arm around her shoulder and tried to say words of comfort for her, but in the end, there was nothing that could ease her fear. She stood up and told him thank you for seeing her, and he patted her on the back, telling her that if there was anything he could do to help, please stop by at any time. His door was always open.

Dahlia walked home at a snail’s pace, chewing the information that had been given to her, and wondering what the teacher would say about this, when she told her. It then became quite clear in her mind that her dancing might be affected. Would she be able to continue her studies, and her dreams of dancing, and becoming a dance teacher? She broke into tears and found herself running as fast as she could until she reached her home, and throwing the door open, she yelled for the teachers name and went to the kitchen and fell into the table chair.

The teacher walked in and took one look at Dahlia’s face and knew something had gone wrong at her eye visit. She made them each a cup of hot tea and then sat down next to Dahlia. Small drips of tears dropped on the table and on her arm, and as she sipped on her tea, her breathing calmed a little. Being here with the teacher brought comfort, and at this time, this is what she was searching for, comfort and answers.

After some time went by, Dahlia explained what she had done at the eye doctors office and the results that he had given her. The teacher sat in silence for a moment, and then cleared her throat and looked straight into Dahlia’s eyes. She laid her hands over hers and told her that this was indeed not the news they both wanted to hear, but together, they would fight this, and they would work with what God had given her.

Dahlia looked at her and asked how could you say this, the doctor says I am going to be blind? The teacher stated that they will live on faith, and pray often, and they would ask God to guide them through this, and they would follow his words and directions.

Dahlia was not sure if this was the answer she wanted to hear or not, but she also knew that her dream to be a teacher was very strong, and she didn’t want to lose it. Together, they both got off of their chairs, and the knelt together, with heads bent, hands wrapped inside of each others, and they prayed. They asked God to heal this girl if it be his will. They asked for guidance, and understanding, and to make them aware of what he wanted them to do. They professed their love for God, and their desires for their lives. They asked to be forgiven for any wrong or selfish thoughts either of them may be thinking, and together they both said Amen.

The two rose and letting go of each other, they headed out the door and walked to the flower garden, and each picked a beautiful flower and then went to the porch swing and swung. The swing brought so much peace to each of them. It was like floating in air casting cares to the winds. There were many evenings spent on this swing, being comforted by God and nature.

They both realized that they had let time slip past their dinner hour, and so they got off the swing and went to the kitchen, but neither was very hungry, so they had a finger sandwich and a cup of broth, and then both went to their rooms for the night, each telling the other, that they were right across the hall if needed.

Sisterhood of The Blogger Award

I am not going to go and make a fuss over this, although, I love receiving it, but I just received one two days ago and do not want to bore you all with repeats.

I do want to give credit to the one who nominated me though.

This website is fairly new to me, and I apologize for not knowing as much as I should, but I have learned enough to know I love her blogging site.

Here are some things she has told me about herself

1.I am a pen-pal to a prisoner.

2.I have Bugofobia

3.I love Reece’s peanut butter cups

4.I love Reece’s peanut butter cups

5.I try to celebrate my birthday by volunteering somewhere that day.

6.I cry a lot.

7.I would love to ride in a hot air balloon

Thank you so much for this wonderful award, and folks, make sure to stop by her web site and do some reading!!!!

Listen And Write It August 6,2012


Marriage, what an important word, one syllable, small word, but vast importance should be placed on this. People marry for many reasons. Sex, best friends, pregnancies, influences.

There are divorces happening faster than marriages, and this is a very sad situation. The wedding is taking place in this video. Much planning has been done to make it a perfect day. A day for all to see and share. Lots of music, drink, hugs, kisses, and congratulations.

Sometimes, thousands of dollars are spent on weddings, but how much is spent on counseling, and work shops, classes for learning budgeting, child rearing, views on how many children to have, religions, parents views. How many couples actually know the in-laws? If we spent more time and money working on the compatibility section I believe our marriages would have a better chance.

This is my opinion only, and not made for the sake of argument only, but I believe that marriage has to start first with God. Lots of talk about where we are going to place God in the marriage,  will we go to God when we have arguments and small disagreements, starting the day with bible reading, or devotions.

I believe we also need to keep our priorities correct, and in getting to know each other, know what each others priorities are most important. Do you agree on these together. Will you stay and work it out together with God’s help and each other, or will you go to your own parents, friends, or anyone else that will listen, and use their advice?

The video shows the groom stumbling when he is to be saying, I DO, and he takes off running. This is humiliating for the bride, I am sure, and all the guests are watching and whispers are being heard. I commend this gentleman for leaving, because it is much more painful to marry for no love, than for love.

A divorce affects both husband and wife, and sometimes children are involved without asking to be. Feelings can be clung to for years in a child’s life of not being wanted, fought over, divided between families, which results in emotional scarring, doubts of confidence, and sometimes repeating the same broken process when they marry also.

If enough time is taken, and respect is earned between two people, values are discovered and shared, and God is placed first in the marriage, more marriages will succeed in this difficult world we live in.

My thoughts only for this writing prompt.

Colors Of Parkinson’s

I can not figure out why every single day, Al gets up, faceless, motionless, speechless, nada, nothing, zero.

He stares and acts like he is moving out of habit. Many times during breakfast, he struggles with wiping his nose and crying, and all I did was say good morning to him.

He has wild dreams most evenings. In my baby monitor, I can hear screaming, cussing, yelling. I often wonder how he can not remember these in the morning, but it is probably a good thing he can not.

After he eats breakfast, he either gets a shower or comes to the living room and turns on the television. Promptly at 11am, he returns to the silence of his room, and then at 1pm he heads out to the living room, cuing me he is ready for his lunch.

He never unloads or loads the dishwasher anymore, which I guess it is alright, as when he does by chance do this, he places the dishes backwards and silverware is stuck in at right angles. I just have to go behind him and change. I don’t know what causes him to forget how to load the dishwasher after many years of practice.

The staring is sort of scary. He can say something to me, but his eyes do not blink, and his face will stare at the floor, but yet I know he hears me, because he responds in his own way.

Today, he told me he didn’t know how to use a toaster, that he had never used a toaster. What?? You have used toasters forever, I thought to myself, but I took his waffles and placed them in the toaster, like I had always done it for him.

I am struggling with the freezing part. How do I help with this? Do I move his legs, do I wait for his legs to move on their own? I talked to him about restarting his exercises for his body, but he wants nothing to do with any of it, as his legs are his biggest complaint of pain, so no touching, he says.

I give him his medication for pain around the clock, not missing any does, and not even asking him anymore if he needs one. I hear from him the medications only help a small bit. He has been placed on different pain medications and had upgrades of doses, but we have not found one that actually takes his pain away.
These tiny little things make huge changes each day, and I don’t know how to help.

Toastmaster industrial-grade toaster, capable ...

Toastmaster industrial-grade toaster, capable of toasting sliced bread and bagels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)