Listen And Write It August 6,2012


Marriage, what an important word, one syllable, small word, but vast importance should be placed on this. People marry for many reasons. Sex, best friends, pregnancies, influences.

There are divorces happening faster than marriages, and this is a very sad situation. The wedding is taking place in this video. Much planning has been done to make it a perfect day. A day for all to see and share. Lots of music, drink, hugs, kisses, and congratulations.

Sometimes, thousands of dollars are spent on weddings, but how much is spent on counseling, and work shops, classes for learning budgeting, child rearing, views on how many children to have, religions, parents views. How many couples actually know the in-laws? If we spent more time and money working on the compatibility section I believe our marriages would have a better chance.

This is my opinion only, and not made for the sake of argument only, but I believe that marriage has to start first with God. Lots of talk about where we are going to place God in the marriage,  will we go to God when we have arguments and small disagreements, starting the day with bible reading, or devotions.

I believe we also need to keep our priorities correct, and in getting to know each other, know what each others priorities are most important. Do you agree on these together. Will you stay and work it out together with God’s help and each other, or will you go to your own parents, friends, or anyone else that will listen, and use their advice?

The video shows the groom stumbling when he is to be saying, I DO, and he takes off running. This is humiliating for the bride, I am sure, and all the guests are watching and whispers are being heard. I commend this gentleman for leaving, because it is much more painful to marry for no love, than for love.

A divorce affects both husband and wife, and sometimes children are involved without asking to be. Feelings can be clung to for years in a child’s life of not being wanted, fought over, divided between families, which results in emotional scarring, doubts of confidence, and sometimes repeating the same broken process when they marry also.

If enough time is taken, and respect is earned between two people, values are discovered and shared, and God is placed first in the marriage, more marriages will succeed in this difficult world we live in.

My thoughts only for this writing prompt.

16 thoughts on “Listen And Write It August 6,2012

  1. This may be just your opinion, but I think it’s the right opinion. Marriage isn’t easy even in a committed, loving marriage. On our wedding day, 27 years ago, my wonderful father-in-law gave us an invaluable piece of advice: put God first, your spouse second, and everything else will fall into place. By God’s grace, we’ve tried to follow his sage advice and this way of living married life has helped us weather the inevitable storms.


  2. I love this Terry and totally agree. There’s a difference between being in love and being compatible life partners. That’s one thing I loved in the book Eolyn. You can love someone, but not be right for each other, as heartbreaking as that is. Just because you have a kid, is not a reason to get married either.

    Thanks for contributing.


    • today young people get married rather quickly, and a divorce happens to soon. i thought maybe i was a little old fashioned, and probably am, but i do believe that with the right goals and thinking things through a marriage can be more than vows, it can be a road traveled together until death do they part……….thank you for your nice comment.


  3. I truly wish I’d listened to my own doubts with my first two marriages! Well, perhaps not the first one so much, because then I wouldn’t have my beautiful, magical son – and he was meant to be born and supposed to be the way he is (profoundly autistic) for whatever reason.

    Well, third time lucky, as they say, along with “everything happens for a reason”. Ths time around I went into that marriage room with no doubts and filled with the excitement and joy that I should have felt the first time but never did 🙂


    • we always have stars in our eye when we are in love. i have messed up twice also, and don’t know if i want to get married again or not, but would sure love a companion. i get so lonely


      • I wasn’t looking for love when I met D at a garden party, but it was intrigue at first sight! We remained in touch via the internet and, when I needed to escape a flatmate from hell, he offered me his spare room.

        The rest, as they say, is history.

        I actually enjoyed my time alone before meeting D, as there’s nothing worse than being lonely in a relationship – and by myself I didn’t really feel lonely at all.

        I’m sure that the right person will find you eventually; you’re too lovely to be alone forever 🙂


      • i remain to have hope but we never know do we.maybe God wants me to wait until i am done being brother’s caregiver or maybe someone will pop up at the grocery store…..hehe


  4. Marriage has never been in my planner …. One of my girlfriends when she divorced her husband wanted 50% back from the wedding cost ??????!!!! Better living together with all appropriate papers written. Have friends that has been living together for years and then gets married and 3 years later they are all over … why has changed ?????? Great video and post.


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