Very Inspiring Blogging Award

The very first person who ever started following me back in March of this year, was Bird. I quickly became attached to her, as I was still fearful of what I am doing, or what to write. I have come some ways, but have much learning to do yet.

Bird is a special woman. She is tough yet gentle hearted, giving, but won’t be used. She has so much faith in God, that she taught me I have a ways to go to be in her position. She is loving and fair and writes a wonderful blog. Make sure to check our her site:

Thank you so much Bird. This means so much.

You are to write seven things about yourself

Give credit to the one who nominated you

Nominate others

Our kitty is most entertaining first things in the mornings and late in the afternoons

Cali, the kitty, loves to give kisses

I am actually going to start calling nursing homes tomorrow to get information

Indiana is having their state wide yard sales tomorrow and Friday, and it is to rain both days.

We had lasagna and cheese bread sticks for supper

I bleached out my outdoor furniture today and now they are nice, bright and clean

I took a small hutch that I always hated the white paint, and used dry brush strokes in a color of antique green and repainted it. It now looks older than me. LOL

For nominations:

paulaacton   for reading each of my chapters of my new book

viveka   for leaving a comment every single time whether my blog is good or bad

girldiaries101  for being too much like my own self

dreamingthruthetwilight  for finding me through another web site


Thank you Bird, once again. I think you are pretty terrific!!!

36 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogging Award

      • Actually, funny you ask…for a few days now I’ve been a bit restless or even ‘down’ …no good reason for it..Just one of those times I guess that will pass…Thanks for asking…Diane


    • you are welcome for the above comment. you know i get like this also, and never know why, but if i look at the calender, it usually ends up being close to the time i would have had a monthly, even though i have it no longer, i still get moody and crave sweets. just a thought…………


  1. Congradulations, dear friend and that was so very sweet of you to nominate me. Really appreciated. I sometimes, don’t get as much time as I would want to read all the blogs out here and indeed there are such wonderful much shared and learnt. It’s like belonging to a real community in the real world .It’s heartening. And I’m so glad I stumbled on to your page. Best wishes for more wonderfully creative writing:-)


    • i know what you mean, look how different our lives would be if the people in our real lives were as active as our blogging friends. maybe for me, it is because here, i get to show and tell who i really am, no pretending, u just enjoy this award alright? !


  2. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination. I followed the rules to the letter. You are very phenomenal, one of a kind.


  3. You deserve this – your do indeed have “inspirational stories that touch your heart and soul” – congratulations! Blessings – Patty


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