The Sowing of Souls

Flower Petals

In the middle of a flower

The petals hide the prize

Of what gives her life

And  waits to open to skies.

It needs nurtured

And watered and

Fed the right food

For it to turn out to be any good.

A strong sturdy stem

Holds the weight in its hand

And shows off the beauty

Of the soul that’s so grand.

The petals have opened

Her soul has been bared

People are looking

And some have stared.

They didn’t realize because no one asked

That God grew this flower for a very special task

Where no one had ever dared to look twice

Now they were saying, oh wow, she’s so nice.

So when you see someone you don’t really know

Nurture them with kind words and watch how they grow

Help them to blossom in who God hath made

Plant seeds in the sun, and not in the shade.

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