My 40th Class Reunion

IΒ  did it! I went to my class reunion! I walked in the front door and became very shy like I knew I would. For about the first third of the evening, I smiled and answered when spoken to, but then I became a little more confident, as more and more people came to me saying they loved my blog, and asking how Al was doing. I was amazed! I didn’t know so many read my stories.

We seem to use a lot of names that are not truly our real names, so I don’t recognize most of the people who comment, other than the blog names.

This forced me to tell more about my writing and answer questions about a book I may have etc. Before long, I was actually laughing again. I felt so weird inside, I have to admit, because I caught myself several times looking to the back of me to see if Al was alright, but he was not there.

I had a good time and when it was officially over, I didn’t want to leave, as so many others stayed, but I didn’t want to turn back into a pumpkin, for being late at the strike of the clock. I was so sure that I would not feel that comfortable, that I told the caregiver I would be home when it was over. I raced to my car and sped home, feeling like that teenager all over again, not wanting to get scolded or grounded and not to be able to go out and play again!

I fit in! I even looked like most others! I misjudged myself. I thought I was so darn fat and so old-looking, that people would think I was the leper from the bible and walk by, but too many came to me and knew me without reading my name tag, and I realized for this one day, that there was still the old me hiding inside, that got to come out and play and laugh one more time.

I am so glad that many of you pushed me and encouraged me to go. Other wise I would have stayed home. I want to thank all of you for allowing the old me to reappear last night!

63 thoughts on “My 40th Class Reunion

  1. Am so glad you had a good time and am sure that quite a few will love having chance to catch up with you more, it will be a plus that once you find the right place for Al you will have time to meet up with people and chat then have new stories to take back to share with him


  2. How wonderful it’s to read something that is ALL about you – and that is without any drama. Fantastic!!!! Love that you had such a great evening where you had a sort of middle point – the prom queen 40 years later. Also it gave your confident a great boost – that you’re not fatter or not more boring than the rest of us. Really enjoyed reading about YOU! Please, let there be more.


  3. I am so happy that first of all you went, and second of all you had a great time. If only we could learn when we get a bit older, to have more confidence in ourselves and be who we are and be proud of it….Again…glad to hear you had fun….Diane


  4. so listening to all the caring voices out here worked! very happy that you were able to put your fear aside and get out there. don’t forget this feeling and when you doubt in the future just call it back up. very happy for you!!


      • care to share some funny stories? πŸ™‚
        My graduating class voted on various categories of fun stuff and everybody voted. In my last reunion, I ran into the guy that was voted as best-looking. He was trying to sell me a $2k vacuum cleaner because thats what he does for a living. Needless to say, I stopped going to reunion parties…lol.


      • mainly we talked about the stupid things we did. like getting off of work, and still having the energy to go run and how dangerous it was to be out driving all night doing nothing, compared to now when we know better. we talked about dating, and our crushes, just silly things that brought lots of laughter over thinking we knew everything at that age……….


  5. You’re beautiful. Our shell is just our casing to ensure that only those who truly see our hearts, are worthy of being let in. You, my dear, are as lovely as Pink. I totally admire your pink streaks, and sharing of what’s most important to you…. Hugssss!!



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