"Who are you calling a crazy cat lady?

Kitty look down

i like dogs and cats, but then I have to think of how much I hate getting out in the winter and walking a dog come six inches of snow and bitter cold and ice, and then I make up my mind to have a cat, which is what I have………….

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15 thoughts on “"Who are you calling a crazy cat lady?

  1. I love cats too. Dogs, well, I can’t seem to live without one; all the inconvenience and responsibility all fade into dust, literally LOL from the hair and dander, dirt, etc., but one look at those loving eyes and that’s it, I will walk through fire for my dog! Dogs are loyal too and that’s so comforting when people seem short of that virtue.


  2. Same with me … love both cats and dogs … had both. A dog call “Lilleman” = little man .. and two cats “Whisky” and “Zoda” – miss them so often – but so long as I want to travel it has to wait with a new pet.


  3. Sorry I’ve not been around so much lately Terry. I’m a dog person but I sympathise with the whole not walking the dog in winter thing! I like cats too but don’t get anything like as excited about them as I do dogs! 🙂


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