Thank You Bloggers!

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Darkness, sadness, pains of the heart

Is what drew us together from the very start

A place to tell all our feelings to share

With people like you who truly do care

A place to find laughter a recipe or two

A way to find cooking for me and for you

To travel afar to visit your land

To see through your eyes is so beautifully grand

We share our families and birthdays too

I feel like I know the inner most you

I was drawn to your blog by a click of a key

I had closed eyes before but now I can see

Making new friends and knowing people do care

Fulfills my life and allows me to share

I thank you all for stopping by my way

And giving me comments and brightening my day.

Terry Shepherd


29 thoughts on “Thank You Bloggers!

  1. Millions thanks for this…. what a wonderful way to show gratitude. You have such a generous heart and soul, but I told you so. It is a pleasure to have you visiting and be able to visit you. Problem!!!! I have deleted the post with the award nomination from last week … what day was it.


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