Ramp For Al!

This is the beginning to the end of the structuring of the new ramp for Al. A program called Day of Caring is who put this all together. From what I learned this is done by the United Way. You fill out an application, and if you fit the bill, so to speak, they get different companies to get together and they go around the county and do these projects for people who are in need of extra help. A church group led by one of our local banks is who did the physical work. Al is not quite sure how to use it, and doesn’t seem to get the idea of how much this will help him, but I think once I show him he can go from the car straight into the house with no more stairs, he is going to love it.

I am so grateful for this ramp, as it will make Al’s moving a lot easier.

31 thoughts on “Ramp For Al!

    • it was easier for me already! cleaned up the yard and could use the ramp instead of the steps………….hoping Al will give it a try tomorrow, i don’t know, it is supposed to rain all day


  1. Praise God for this…how cool, Terry! I’m really glad to see this 🙂 Al is gonna love it once he gets the hang of it. So awesome to see people, especially young people, helping out in the photos. Big smile here. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Wonderful! They did an excellent job! This is another example of how God is truly blessing you. When I was working my company participated in the United Way’s day of caring and I use to enjoy taking part in the different projects. So I know first hand how wonderful a program this is. Give God the Glory!



    • knowing you through blogging, i am not at all surprised that you helped with day of caring. you are a very loving and god fearing woman who i am blessed to be able to call my friend. thank you and i also did give thanks to these young people, the bank and the united way, because i am sure i could not afford to have this done myself, and he really needs it


  3. It is such a blessing to see others are graciously helping you and Al… it sounds as if it was much needed and it looks like they did a really nice job on it. Just another reason to thank the Lord for His goodness! Lord bless you. My prayers continue to be with you.


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