Continuing Story Part 11

English: Old Dahlia

Dahlia didn’t say too much or stand up and walk away, so the Principal took this as his cue to explain how going to this school could all work out.

He told teacher and Dahlia that there was a home within walking distance from the school, that housed a family of two sons along with the parents and that there were also four extra bedrooms that were on the back of the house that held students going to school. The principal had already spoken to this family about Dahlia and they had said they would love to open their doors to her while she attended school.

Her duties would include helping to take care of the daily chores around the home, help prepare meals and that each student was in charge of keeping their own rooms clean, and everyone shared the duties of laundry, feeding the pets, and cleaning the bathrooms.

Each student had curfews to stick to of when they had to be in at night. There was to be no smoking or any opposite males or females in any of the bedrooms. School grades had to remain above a C average,and graduation had to be completed. If anyone chose to drop out of school or were evicted from school grounds, this was an automatic dismissal from this home also.

After the Principal told all the information about the home, he looked at Dahlia and asked her if she would like to go look at it, she said nothing but did nod her head and ask when. He stated right now, if this would be alright with the teacher, and she nodded yes.

They all stood up and with Dahlia’s arm wrapped around teacher and her cane in her other hand, they all walked over to the house. The teacher was impressed by the looks of the big house. It seemed spacious, and was a big white house with a brick porch running all the front of the house. There were two porch swings hanging from the ceiling at each end. They yard was filled with many shade trees, and the yard was quite large and neatly trimmed.

The Principal knocked on the front door announcing their arrival, and the wife of the house, Rachel opened the door and welcomed them and motioned to them to come on in and have a seat. They all entered, and Dahlia noticed there were no rails here for her to feel her way, but her new cane could help replace the rails.

They all sat in the sitting room and Rachael told the teacher and Dahlia a little bit about herself and her family. Her husband’s name was Ralph and they had two sons who lived with them, that actually taught at the school Dahlia was going to be attending, if she liked it here well enough. Their sons names were Drake and Drew.

Rachael asked if they would like to take a tour of the home, and they all stood to follow her. They went first to the spacious living room. Dahlia could hear a television in the background and used her cane to feel the couch and three chairs. There was a piano in one corner, and the television was in the opposite corner. Next they went into the dining room where there didn’t seem to be much there but a big, long table with several chairs. This is where we all eat at meal times, and no one is to miss, unless there is a school activity that prevents them from being here, Rachel said.

Next they located the kitchen, where other students were making preparations for the next meal. The ladies stopped and introduced themselves to Dahlia and welcomed her to their home and told her how much they knew she would love it here, that Ralph and Rachel were wonderful people.

Rachel showed them the bathroom and there was a shower stall in the corner, and a sink and a stool. This was sort of a small room Dahlia thought, but there were several shelves lining the floor and rising up that could hold personal items for bathing and dressing.

The last room Rachel showed them was the bedroom that would be hers, if she chose to stay here. Rachel walked using her cane and felt the bed, she sat down on it and it was nice and soft. She felt a night stand next to the bed, and walking around the room, she felt the window, that was warming her face from the sun shining through. She felt lace curtains adorning the window, and moving a bit farther, she could feel a small desk and a chair. Upon leaving the room she bumped into a large piece of furniture, and Rachel explained that this was her wardrobe closet. All of her clothes would be hung in here and there were shelves built inside for underclothing and other garments.

Rachel guided them all back to the sitting room and sitting down she asked the teacher and Dahlia what they thought of their tour and would Dahlia like to live here while going to school. Could she follow all the rules and keep her studies up. Dahlia stood up and followed the voice of Rachel and placed her arms around her giving her a warm hug and saying she would love to come here to live.

The teacher patted the Principal’s hand and they both smiled relieved that this was going to work out. Dahlia would continue with her studies to be a dancer and she would also have a safe home to live that was near by the school.

The principal thanked Rachel for the tour, and said that the teacher and Dahlia would be back in a few days with Dahlia’s belongings.

They all walked back to the school, and once again papers were filled out for entrance to the school.  A paper with all rules was given to the teacher and a dress code rule paper. A scholarship paper had been given to Dahlia for attending a blind school, so there were no worries on payments, which was a big relief to the teacher and Dahlia. Soon all was done and completed. Dahlia would be starting this school next week, and a home had been found also. A call had been made to the teacher’s friend, and when the  meeting was done, they both walked out of the school and got into the waiting car.

Tough Cookie


Toilet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next time someone says to me, what do you do all day and why don’t you get a real job, I am going to be a tough cookie and kick them in the butt!

Because I stay home and care for my brother, I was forced to help someone remove the water out of the toilet bowl, clean the crap water from under it, watch the old wax seal be taken out, and it was yucky and smelly. Watch the new seal be placed, clean the bottom of the toilet itself, and see it put back into its rightful spot, tightened down and then to deal with the mess.

The seal had broken and when we saw how the seal had been squished almost flat on the front end, I knew that my suspicions had been proven true. Al sits on the pot so many times a day, and leans even further forward thinking he should have a BM every time he goes. If this doesn’t happen, he proceeds to try to force it out himself. It has been a disgusting thing and I am working very hard on this goal of stopping.

We did discover that bananas work, but all the time he had been doing this over time in the bathroom, even before I was finally aware of what was going on, he had damaged the seal.

After everything was done, I discovered that a large mirrored picture in frame that he kept in the corner, had soaked up leaking water, so I had to carefully clean that up with a disinfectant, and pray that this doesn’t cause permanent damages to a coca cola item. After cleaning the mirror, then I had to pick up his three bathroom rugs and wash them, and they are now in the dryer, then I had to clean the sink, stool, and bathtub from where old towels had been used to sop up water.

Then after all that was sterilized and clean once again, I had to sit with Al and have a conversation about how this had happened and how we could work on preventing this from happening again. This of course brought tears, so then I had to have the same conversation we always have about how it is not his fault.  With his head hanging low, he seemed to understand somewhat, but from then on, I have had to check upon him when  he uses the restroom, to make sure he is not half  way bent to the floor, and of course, he doesn’t like being messed with when he is in private mode, but I can’t help it.

After cleaning up the table, floor, and chair from his lunch, I  proceeded to steam mop the kitchen and his bathroom floor to make sure all germs had escaped his area. Next he went to his bedroom and proceeded to sit in the dark and with no television on, so I had to go sit on the bed and explain how easy it is to become sad or depressed in total darkness and silence. He started crying and I suggested he take his nap early, but instead, he turned the light and television on low, then I told him he could not hear it and he needed to turn it up. It was a fight to the end, but he was not going to deviate away from his routine nap time, and I was not going to let him sit in silence and darkness, and I did win that one.

I have just finished sweeping the house and putting the steam mop away, and he wanted his back washed because he sweats so bad from  his Parkinson’s side effects, so I went to do that for him.

Sweeper away, steam mop hidden, back washed, new toilet ring placed, mirror cleaned, bathroom cleaned, floors steamed. I am now waiting for buzzer to go off on dryer.

It is mid afternoon and I wonder how long I will be able to sit here at my desk. Cali the kitty noticed I am sitting here so she wants petted, and I hear my bed calling me for a nice nap on this cloudy day.

I am so looking forward to those eight hours total of relaxation time next week.

Now, do you want to stay at your paying job where you go out and work with others and socialize and have time away from the house, or would you prefer my stay at home job where you clean and sanitize and clean up shit, give lessons on living, dry eyes, help feed and what ever comes your way????