Tough Cookie


Toilet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next time someone says to me, what do you do all day and why don’t you get a real job, I am going to be a tough cookie and kick them in the butt!

Because I stay home and care for my brother, I was forced to help someone remove the water out of the toilet bowl, clean the crap water from under it, watch the old wax seal be taken out, and it was yucky and smelly. Watch the new seal be placed, clean the bottom of the toilet itself, and see it put back into its rightful spot, tightened down and then to deal with the mess.

The seal had broken and when we saw how the seal had been squished almost flat on the front end, I knew that my suspicions had been proven true. Al sits on the pot so many times a day, and leans even further forward thinking he should have a BM every time he goes. If this doesn’t happen, he proceeds to try to force it out himself. It has been a disgusting thing and I am working very hard on this goal of stopping.

We did discover that bananas work, but all the time he had been doing this over time in the bathroom, even before I was finally aware of what was going on, he had damaged the seal.

After everything was done, I discovered that a large mirrored picture in frame that he kept in the corner, had soaked up leaking water, so I had to carefully clean that up with a disinfectant, and pray that this doesn’t cause permanent damages to a coca cola item. After cleaning the mirror, then I had to pick up his three bathroom rugs and wash them, and they are now in the dryer, then I had to clean the sink, stool, and bathtub from where old towels had been used to sop up water.

Then after all that was sterilized and clean once again, I had to sit with Al and have a conversation about how this had happened and how we could work on preventing this from happening again. This of course brought tears, so then I had to have the same conversation we always have about how it is not his fault.  With his head hanging low, he seemed to understand somewhat, but from then on, I have had to check upon him when  he uses the restroom, to make sure he is not half  way bent to the floor, and of course, he doesn’t like being messed with when he is in private mode, but I can’t help it.

After cleaning up the table, floor, and chair from his lunch, I  proceeded to steam mop the kitchen and his bathroom floor to make sure all germs had escaped his area. Next he went to his bedroom and proceeded to sit in the dark and with no television on, so I had to go sit on the bed and explain how easy it is to become sad or depressed in total darkness and silence. He started crying and I suggested he take his nap early, but instead, he turned the light and television on low, then I told him he could not hear it and he needed to turn it up. It was a fight to the end, but he was not going to deviate away from his routine nap time, and I was not going to let him sit in silence and darkness, and I did win that one.

I have just finished sweeping the house and putting the steam mop away, and he wanted his back washed because he sweats so bad from  his Parkinson’s side effects, so I went to do that for him.

Sweeper away, steam mop hidden, back washed, new toilet ring placed, mirror cleaned, bathroom cleaned, floors steamed. I am now waiting for buzzer to go off on dryer.

It is mid afternoon and I wonder how long I will be able to sit here at my desk. Cali the kitty noticed I am sitting here so she wants petted, and I hear my bed calling me for a nice nap on this cloudy day.

I am so looking forward to those eight hours total of relaxation time next week.

Now, do you want to stay at your paying job where you go out and work with others and socialize and have time away from the house, or would you prefer my stay at home job where you clean and sanitize and clean up shit, give lessons on living, dry eyes, help feed and what ever comes your way????

34 thoughts on “Tough Cookie

  1. Oh my! This reminds me of the twins and the time they clogged/flooded their toilet upstairs and if came through the ceiling and into THE KITCHEN of all places! I’m sorry–I know how tired you must be–it’s never ending. Hang in there!


  2. You can be quite funny!…Not that your day was…but, that you can take it to the next level…however bad…and give us a clear picture of your day…I wish I could sit with you and talk some day…Have a good evening!…a nap does work wonders sometimes…~mkg


      • I’m sure it would…. I met a woman I know in the mall yesterday. She was pushing her hubby in a wheelchair; he’s been wheelchair bound now for the last year. He is slowly losing mobility physically and mentally, which is very sad to see. She is coping to a degree, though I know it is taking its toll; it is evident in her manner… So sad…


      • i have much more empathy for people who are caring for loved ones, even though i have done it for years. now i am doing it 24/7 and i know the strain it takes, but we want to keep our loved ones home as long as we can


  3. Thank you for sharing this truth! What I laugh at is how you asked a question, that I am always asked? What exactly do you do all day? Felt so good to meet you in this post! Thank you!

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.

    Bella Grace


    • Hi Bella, so nice to meet you! We work much harder at home than in any job really, because at a job u have a boss, follow the rules and punch in and out. at home u deal with never ending changes, multiple decisions, balancing acts, financial adviser, nurse, wife or better half, quick thinking, i could go on and on!! LOL


  4. I am so glad you said this – brilliantly honest post. Constipation is one of the many Parkinson’s curses – argh! Good on you for kicking the butt of anyone who dares to ask you why you don’t have a ‘real’ job.


    • i get so sick of people hinting that i sit and do nothing! Al has been acting very strange yesterday and today. more sleepy, no med changes. tonight after supper he started complaining of knee and his usual ankle pain. last night during his fav television shows and tonight, he drifted in and out of sleep and after supper tonight he said the pain was so bad he had to lie down, i checked on him later and he was sound asleep. he slept a lot today, so unusual and starting to stare more and more. what can u tell me


    • please,,,,,,,,,,,butt in…………………….always, alright, now i know, they sleep more…………………………why is it today i want to cry and cry and cry. i am taking him to the dr. and then to lunch, and i don’t even want to go because i have to deal with the outburst and tears at the dr. but do have to go


  5. *smile … don’t have a clue how you manage to do everything in the house, AL and provided 2-4 post every day on your blogs … you’re superwoman !!!! Real job ??? Can there be a more real job then yours – great post.


  6. The next time someone tells you that, ask them to spend the day taking care of Al and the household chores while you go take a drive.. -____- The nerve of some people(!_!). Everyday you tax yourself to the bone, pushing your mental faculties and physical faculties to their limits. You’re awesome Terry!!! <3<3<3


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