9 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Piano Music-Rain’s Theme

  1. I had to come back to this post. This song that you shared has the most beautiful movie attached to it. The name of the movie is Secret. The entire foreign language movie is posted on Youtube, I added the link


      • Being a musician, I couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love with that movie. To be honest, it’s currently more “epic” than the Titanic movie in my eyes- maybe because this one crosses distance, time and death in the most beautiful way. I’ll be browsing through your blog, but I may not comment. SO let me make sure I pass on my “I love you” right now <3<3<3 Hope you and Al didn't have too awful a day today <3<3<3


      • i love you tooooooooooooooooooooo and miss you always!!!!!!! so nice to be able to say hello to you tonight..hugs and love
        tonight is better, but early evening was spent discussing Satan and his mean tricks that can be done without us realizing it. my brother is hateful tonight and i just had to talk to him about Satan’s ways


      • Same here!!! For someone who has so much technology, it’s amazing how little online socialising I’m doing nowadays. So when I got home tonight I made up my mind to make an effort to reach out to my blogofamily <3<3<3

        For a second I misread that as Santa. I don't know where that came from :-O
        It must be so frustrating for both of you right now, and like you said the devil has mean tricks that he uses when we don't realise. I hope Al gets to a better emotional state eventually, and I hope that you are also taking care of yourself <3<3<3


  2. it has been more difficult lately than most times. he and i are once again fighting the devil. i just wish it would STOP! the repetitive of the dying talk and pains and feelings of useless, are what drains me the most and the fastest. i feel like a broken record, having said my words to hims so many times. i am not quite sure if he doesn’t understand me, or if he wants to choose that darkness over the light. i get so tired of trying and failing, that at times i wish he would just stay in his room, but hopefully soon, things will get better again


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