Our Day, My Time

Beautiful day, perfect temperatures, plenty of sun. What more could you ask for, maybe free time? fun time? laughter? chatter?

Since it was so beautiful, I took my brother to an antique store a little ways out-of-town. I found one shaker that I purchased, and he bought each of the three items that had to do with coca cola. After that store, I dropped in on a garage sale that was going on. Al didn’t want to get out and look, because it didn’t have anything to do with coca cola, but I ignored his sour face and I went and browsed anyways. He stayed in the car. After leaving there, I took him to lunch and then went and picked up medications at the pharmacy. He did pretty well for this trip. Tired, run down and wore out from his walking in the one store, we came home.

He napped, I petted the cat and then she and I napped. Afterwards, when all three of us were up, I asked him if he wanted to go to Arby’s for supper, and he said yes, but when he found out I had different plans to not eat in the restaurant, and instead go to the park and enjoy God’s beauty and people watching with our drive thru meal, he wasn’t happy anymore.

Very seldom, do I get my own way, but thanks to two very close friends, I am learning that I count. I should get my own way, and I have to acknowledge he can be a grown up spoiled baby. I was determined to have my time, my day also. I gave him his earlier, now it was my turn.

He sulked and looked at no one. He let a few tears pass. He complained about body aches, and all this time, I am eating my supper, and taking photos. When I had felt that I had nothing new to aim and shoot at, I asked him if he was ready to go. The whole time we were there, he sat like a bump on a log, and it made me furious, that he could think of no one but himself, but I ignored the most part and made the most out of the time I was taking.

Here are some photos that I took.

42 thoughts on “Our Day, My Time

  1. It’s good that you went ahead and ate outside in the park….because we know that it is an effort for Al to manage in restaurants sometimes…and the fresh air and taking some pictures was good for you…Diane


  2. I loved the photos and I’m glad that you were able to do this! Sometimes it doesn’t take much to keep us going . . .we just need a little something, like time at the park! God bless you, Angel Terry! This was good for Al too, even if he didn’t realize it!


    • i don’t know if it was good for Al or not, he hasn’t spoken to me since we got home, but this is alright, i like the peace and quiet, another nice break all in the same day, but i loved the park and the photo shoots! thank you for a kind reply!


  3. you can not even begin to imagine how beneficial your decision was for you and for Al. he has what is called a learned behavior. it will take a long time to change but you have made a great first step. i hope you will continue to choose you, that doesn’t mean he is not loved, just that you love yourself as well. taking pics seems to be a great way for you to relax and use your talent.

    i say good for you and keep it up! he may even stop sulking one of these days, but that is up to him. he can choose happiness as can you.


    • this was such an uplifting comment you gave me. i did feel a little guilty doing what i wanted when i knew he didn’t want to be there, but i pushed on, and tried hard to ignore him and just make sure he was safe. thank you so much!


  4. Way to go Terry! Gotta live your life, my friend. I’m proud of you. Would you believe that I took a ‘me’ day yesterday too? Ha. I didn’t do at least three things I normally would have done that would have involved me doing what others wanted me to do or something other than things for me and instead just went to a nature park, sat on a blanket for three hours and watched the water (I’ll post some photos) and then grilled out and watched the Bears game. It felt weird to put others on the back burner but I had a great day. So glad to hear you went to the park. I’ll bet it was very refreshing to do so ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good one today!


    • that sounds like an awesome day Brian. relaxing, being with just yourself, enjoying cooking out and the game! life is what we make it, and we choose our decisions ,,,,,,,,,and yesterday, i chose me, just for a short time


  5. Nice photos of an afternoon at the park – and glad you choose joy and happiness too. By taking good care of yourself, you will be able to care for Al.


  6. this is true, last night was right back, so I am really looking forward to the six hours on Tuesday. I did what I wanted for a change, and now I need the time away from him……..


  7. Terry, fantastic shots … and good on you that stood your grounds. You’re so right … he plays on his situation – glad you pick up on it. Just as you said a spoiled child – and when it doesn’t go his way .. he gets pain somewhere. I don’t say it’s an act all the time, but I think it happens too often. Good on you, girlfriend. Glad you got your time in the park and had a chance to take some photo, they came out very good. Especially the guy up side down – is he standing on his hands .. or have he jumped. So happy for you that you got your wishes come true.


    • the guy upside down was diving and in mid air. i really did need that time for me, and i saw his acting out also. thanks to you letting me know that he could be doing this, i was alert to it and saw. Tuesday, i get more time. Yeah, thanks for being here for me and offering your advice


  8. Well done you I have a big smile on my face for you ๐Ÿ˜€ you stick to your guns girl you do deserve you time and if he can’t appreciate that then he can sit in the car while you spread your wings


  9. That’s the hardest thing for people who are care givers…taking time to do for themselves…Do it!…as you did today…You are important too!… I used to do everything according to my son’s wants
    and needs…not, wanting to rock the boat…but, learned throgh some good counselors to remember that I was a person with needs too…Hard at first to do…but, eventualy got stronger and happier…~mkg


    • thank u for your uplifting comment. i am hoping the same thing for me with time……………it was very hard to try to enjoy myself, knowing every time i looked at him he was wanting to go home but keeping my ground, he did survive, and we did go home at my time


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