Lurking in the Deep

Hi, I am Terry and I write short stories and poetry. I journey about my life taking care of my brother who is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. Stresses of life can draw you closer to God, if you only choose to pick the road of Christ.

Day 312 -365 beautiful Sea Urchin

The spooky sea could represent any number of things, but usually, when you think spooky you think fears and unknown. you may travel through many obstacles in your life, the sea, and over coming each one can bring you strength, peace, and a confidence in yourself, that you are making your way to the end. When i leave this earth, my goal is to be in heaven. I may or not leave a mark on this world, but the only mark that is important to me is the hand print of God on my soul. So, at the end of your life, or the sea, as represented here, is to see light at the deep end, the brightness of God shining on me, holding out his hands calling me home.

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