Lurking in the Deep

Hi, I am Terry and I write short stories and poetry. I journey about my life taking care of my brother who is suffering with Parkinson's Disease. Stresses of life can draw you closer to God, if you only choose to pick the road of Christ.

Day 312 -365 beautiful Sea Urchin

The spooky sea could represent any number of things, but usually, when you think spooky you think fears and unknown. you may travel through many obstacles in your life, the sea, and over coming each one can bring you strength, peace, and a confidence in yourself, that you are making your way to the end. When i leave this earth, my goal is to be in heaven. I may or not leave a mark on this world, but the only mark that is important to me is the hand print of God on my soul. So, at the end of your life, or the sea, as represented here, is to see light at the deep end, the brightness of God shining on me, holding out his hands calling me home.

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10 thoughts on “Lurking in the Deep

    • thank you Brian, please pray for Al. today he had the worst pain in his legs ever, and he has just been miserable today. I am getting ready to take him out to supper, hoping that will help get his mind off his pain


      • that was an amazing video. i especially loved the one testimony where the guy had never heard of Jesus, then accepted him only to die two weeks later. what a difference that made in his eternal life. thank you so much for sharing this with me!!!! big hugs from me


      • Actually, Terry, the man who died two weeks after the pastor had spoken with him was the man who spent over 40 years giving out the tracts. Many thousands of people had come to the Lord through him but until that night he had no idea even if one person had been saved because he gave out tracts. The Lord allowed him to know this just 2 weeks before he died. Here is another amazing story. This is in 2 parts. Once this one is at the end there is a place to click to get Part 2 of this testimony. There is also a video of the entire testimony about an hour and a half long.


      • i watched the first part where he got stung by the jelly fish, and i cried as he spoke further on, and it reminded me of my father. my father was dying, his soul was actually leaving his body, i could tell, and he opened his eyes wide like he had seen something so big,and then he closed them and never reopened them. i always have thought, he saw the bright light of God there to take him home. I will watch the other part later, because right now i can not handle part 2. thank u for sharing with me


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