Good Day!



Yesterday, I took my brother to an auction that was being held here locally. It was an antique auction, and in the newspaper, it advertised coca cola items, so Al wanted to go. We got there late, but, I don’t mind that, as they are down to business by the time we walk in.

To my surprise the auction was almost over, and there was no coca cola items at all. I could tell Al was not very happy, but he didn’t throw any fits. We went ahead and stayed as I had eyes for a few minor pieces, and the auction seemed to be running fairly cheap, so I might just get lucky. Here are some photos of the items I bought.

This is a cute little pink atomizer. The next photo down is a Perfection tin box that has different colors for coloring frosting, eggs, etc. I don’t have to explain this one, as it is obvious that it is a comb and brush! LOL. This is a beautiful ladies hat with a very nice brass and rhinestone pin. Can you picture me wearing it today to church? LOL The next photo turned out a tad bit too fuzzy as I was too close, but it is the matching shoulder shawl. It is made out of black satan with hundreds of beads sewn on and long beaded fringe.

I am going to redo my bathroom in this look, for a change.

After we left there, I took him to the big car show that was sponsored by the Boys Club. It helps quite a few local youth here by continuing to have programs for them, and I have always felt it keeps them off the streets and helps them to gain confidence in themselves as they work their way to adulthood.

It was pretty hot, and I think Al had two bottled waters, a diet coke, an ice-ee, and a bowl of ice-cream. We definitely helped the boys club through Al’s donations through foods!

We both came home, and I gave Al a shower, and he slept for a couple of hours. We both had very light suppers, and he watched Pawn Stars and he and Cali, the kitten, played together, Al using the plastic handle on his cane, and Cali, chasing it.

I could barely enjoy myself on the computer, as I had walked too much, placing my diabetic neuropathy feet in pain, and being out in all of that heat. I ended up lying on the couch most of the evening, only checking emails periodically. I was so glad to go to bed, and I don’t think I moved from my original spot all night. I love having days like that. They don’t happen often, so I tuck them in my memory box.


37 thoughts on “Good Day!

      • I have wanted an online shop for years. A couple of different times I had questioned people who knew what they were doing about getting a web address of my own to show photos and to sell, but I was shocked at the hundreds of dollars it cost, so I have never been able to do it. I wish I could find a cheaper way to sell things.


  1. Wonderful .. so happy over that you had an enjoyable day together … with AL and that even if your feet was soar – your soul and heart was joyful. Love the hat … did you buy that too ????


      • The shawl was a bit difficult to see … I think you should ware them both to church – why not … I think your God would like you in it.


      • i don’t go to church anymore, because Al cries all the way through the services, I would love to wear it somewhere, but also don’t want to be laughed at. it was popular in the early 1900’s


      • yes, it upset me because i was too close to the shawl, but didn’t want to make another post after this just to add one new photo of it, sorry, but i hope u get an idea of what it looks like


  2. Liked all of your purchases…but, loved the hat!…sorry about Al not finding any COKE items… I still have a few …if you don’t mind I will ship them to him next weekend…a sign…a few tins and a hat …
    If we ever get to Warsaw…I want to eat lunch at your favorite spot at the drugstore…mkg


  3. Great choices, Terry. I love antiques, too. I have some things probably from back in the 30s – jewellery, evening bags, cotton gloves, scarves. I have china much older than that. I have one plate that was 100 years old when my grandmother brought it back from England in around 1926! I should take some photos sometime and put them on my blog. I used to have a Coke wooden school ruler, but I sold that years ago. If I hadn’t sold it I would gladly have sent it to Al. But Coke items weren’t my thing, so I never collected them. I have never even really liked to drink Coke for that matter.


    • i collect costume jewelry. i was surprised by one of the bloggers here that sent me a piece of costume jewelry. i love it, and another blogger sent Al a big box of coca cola items. he was in love then with that box! i have always loved antiques, i think it is in my blood. i would love to see your photos!!!!!! Wish I could sell some of mine online selling, but i can’t afford the cost of building a web site


      • i had my own store, and then later had a booth at an antique center, but now i can’t get out and do anything, so would love to find a way to sell online without using EBAY


      • In Canada we have where, free of charge, we can list items for sale in our own city. People find them, e-mail you and arrange to come to see them and pay you in cash if they want them. I have sold medical equipment and a workbench this way. I wonder if you have an equivalent in your area.


      • we have something called Craig’s list, but it can be dangerous, fraud, rapes etc have been reported. i can look online for places here locally. thanks for the ideas!!!


  4. Yes!!!!!!! A good day! I’m so happy for you!!! I’m really glad that there was an ease in the usual emotional turmoil. (cyberhuggies of excitement are in order 😉 )


    • the pain is never ending. today he had two different pain killers and a muscle relaxer, and the Parkinson’s pain is bigger than all the pills……..sad for him, frustrating for me


      • oh i am so sorry, i don’t see too much of what i feel, but sometimes i see it when i see what i have written down……does this make sense? sometimes i don’t make any sense either, lol


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