Even The Weakest Can Be Used

03.365 (02.08.2009) Faith

August 27 

Building Muscles of Faith

1 Kings 18:22-36

“I wish I had great faith.” These are words that almost every Christian has said at one time or another. But faith is like a muscle, which must be exercised in order to become strong; just wishing cannot make it happen.

Christians are to believe God, not only for salvation but for everything. Rather than a spiritual “plateau,” faith is actually a process that involves increasing degrees of trust throughout life. Little faith hopes that God will do what He says; strong faith knows that He will; and great faith believes that He has already done it.

Elijah was a man of great faith. He saw increased challenges as opportunities for God to do His work—and the prophet believed Him for the supernatural. So can you. The Lord may not do every miraculous thing you ask of Him, but He does some extraordinary work in and through each person who is obedient and willing to trust in Him.

You may be thinking, I am not good enough for the Father to use me. The Scriptures are filled with examples of weak and flawed people whom the Lord used to achieve His purposes. He is looking, not for perfection, but for individuals willing to believe Him. He not only works through people of faith; He transforms them.

Start by reading God’s Word to learn what He wants you to do. Each day’s situations and needs are opportunities to trust Him. Ask the Lord to bring to mind verses that apply to your circumstances. Trust Him and do what He says—your faith “muscles” will grow, and He will be glorified.

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Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc. © 2009 All Rights Reserved.

I never think I am strong enough or good enough for God to use. I know many others, including blogger friends, that have faith much stronger than mine. I am sometimes found stressing out, that I wish I was better, or spent more of my mind on God, or my eyes in the word. I talk to Jesus quite a bit, but to sit in a quiet space with no interruptions and just read his word, is difficult. Even reading the best book on the market, is a slow process. This daily walk with Dr. Charles Stanley, does assure me that even though I am not the best, I am still worthy.

12 thoughts on “Even The Weakest Can Be Used

  1. “This daily walk with Dr. Charles Stanley, does assure me that even though I am not the best, I am still worthy”. – Sorry, this I don’t really understand – of course you’re the best … and in what you do. Why do you have to be humble because you’re a believer – common, Terry.


    • i am never as good as i wish i was…………………….there is so much room for improvement, i get too stressed, hard to relax, worry too much. i wish i could just blink it all a way, and be carefree


      • Terry, you’re SO good – nobody is perfect and we will never be.
        We all have our weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean that we are no good – looking at the whole picture. I tell you – we are fantastically good in the big picture with our weaknesses and we are all worthy so nobody should ever have to tell you that again not even from a TV,


      • thank you. i am my own worst critic, but i know i try do live a good life. i guess i have problems with people who don’t think i am worth a crap. they bug me. would like to swat them like a fly with a fly swatter!!! lol


  2. Viveka, I realize you don’t understand about the Christian faith. I’ll try to answer your question. Pride and arrogance have no place in a Christian’s life. A proud person would probably not even seek the Lord – he thinks he can do everything himself. A humble person, on the other hand, knows what they are and that the God of the universe is so much higher and more wonderful than they could ever be and yet they can also know that in spite of this, this God loves them. I know I need God to live my life to the fullest. To think that the Creator of the universe even notices me let alone loves me and cares about what happens to me is very humbling in itself. Being humble is not about self-abasement or belittling ourselves, making ourselves out to be something less than we are. Christianity is about love and about serving – God and one another. About God loving us so much He sent His only Son Jesus to die on a cross so we could be forgiven and adopted into His family. Us knowing and loving God as our heavenly Father. Us loving others because we have God’s love living within us. Yes, I know all Christians don’t live or act this way, but that is their choice, not God’s plan. Because, as a child of God, I have the Spirit of God living in me, I have the power to overcome sin – if I choose to use it to do so. We all make mistakes, but we have a loving God to whom we can come to repent and ask forgiveness and receive His cleansing. But if I am proud, I won’t come and therefore won’t receive what I truly need. I hope that helps you to understand this topic a little more clearly.


    • i have found this to be true of myself so many times. i am the one who is hesitant to go outside my zone, as the fear of humiliation is easy for me to grab a hold of. i hate that about myself, i always have the what ifs


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