Please Pass This Prayer to All You Know


Our God who hears our words

Please watch over even the tiny birds

Be with all who face the fears

Of the hurricane as it comes so near

Keep your people safe from harm

Let them reach for your arms

If it be thy will today

Hear their prayers and what they say

Save their pets and children too

Keep their homes as good as new

Let this storm pass by today

Let it go another way

Out to sea never to be seen

I ask you this on bended knee

You answer every prayer you say

Each one who reads this, please also pray

For all who feel the fear of this

That God keeps them safe is our big wish.

August 28/2012

Terry Shepherd

18 thoughts on “Please Pass This Prayer to All You Know

  1. Very thoughtful of you, Terry … yes, every year they come along those tropical storms,hurricane and wild fires – and people just get on with it … build their homes and life up again .. time after time. Wonderful thought, Terry …
    I wonder why God never stop sending them ??? Because it’s the same people that get damaged every year in same why – that’s why of the reasons why I’m not a believer – he must have heard millions of prays during the years … and still no change.


    • i don’t know, maybe he gave us brains so we could figure out that some areas are not to be desirable for living, and if the same people are hit time after time, don’t you think they would consider the risks and build in a new area? God gave us brains and we are supposed to use them. I feel for all that go through the wild fires and tornadoes and hurricanes, but when you choose to live in a high risk area, this is a chance you know you are taking……


      • Terry, it can happen to us all … any minute without any warning – nobody is safe – I lost 3 friends in the Tsunami – they where on holiday .. and that meant their children lost their parents and a big part of their whole family – because they where all relatives.


      • that is so sad, but we all know that living by the open waters is not as safe as living inland. hurricanes are water based, so if we live among water, this is the risk i am talking about. that is so sad about your friends. I am so sorry for your loss my friend


  2. Sometimes our prayers ARE answered in ways we do not want to hear, or delivered in messages that are painful to accept. God’s blessing IS always on our behalf. It moves us all to look deeper at how we measure true safety. Thanks Terry, for the beautiful beautiful prayer. Beth


    • this is true. I do know that God wants the best for us, but sometimes we make choices that are not good for us, therefore we have to suffer the price of our own choices. it would be awesome to live on the ocean front, but alas, we know we are taking a risk, so we hope and pray God keeps us safe. our environment has changed through the years, smog, pollutionn, too many people crowding the earth. it is bound to mess up the weather


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