8 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Yard for Fall | eHow.com

      • Terry, I have so much stuff in my apartment that no one would notice another decoration! 🙂 Actually, because I don’t have enough room to put them away, my Christmas village house stay up all year. The only windows are in the two bedrooms, one of which is the one I rent to Robyn. The balcony door is almost inaccessible as I have a stand of plants in front of it and in front of that is my 4-seater couch with no room around it to get at the door except to stretch my arm far enough to open and close it depending on the weather. It’s wall-to-wall everything here. Someone told me it was like coming into a gift shop. I used to sell Regal Gifts and Greetings products (a Canadian company) and so have a lot of stuff I bought from there as well as many other items from gifts given to me to family heirlooms etc.


      • wow, i guess you don’t even have the room for little lights!!!!! if you are happy though, this is all that matters. i believe we should surround ourselves with things that make us happy and feel safe, and i believe you have done this!!!


  1. Glad I don’t have a yard …. seams like a lot of work – plus it rains all the time … very nice and cute tips – but I leave that up those that have the time and … the yard. Thanks for sharing.


    • i understand. i think if i didn’t have my grandkids around i may not get into the decorating, but their eyes light up and the giggles i love to hear from them……i understand your point of view also……


      • It’s only my personal view .. and I can image that many kids eyes will light up .. when a yard look like that and for the joy to see exciting children .. I probably done it too.


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