Photo of Nosy









Yesterday, I wrote about our ornery kitten, Cali. I just wanted you to see her curiosity never quits. Here is a photo I took of her last evening, trying to get the last of the milk out of a glass. She should have been named Nosy instead of Cali!





21 thoughts on “Photo of Nosy

    • yes, although Al gets frustrated because she gets under his feet, and he has such a hard time of walking. so we both have our own issues, but she is cute and loveable, just very into everything…………..


  1. Maybe not so much nosy, as wanting the last drop in the cup. Ms. Baby, has her nose into everything, and she figures if she licks it then I won’t want it, and give it to her. Fried chicken is guarded very closely in my house.


  2. What a cute picture! I think nosiness is just part of being a cat – and more particularly a kitten. Just like a little child wants to know “Why?” about everything and wants to touch everything they see. Just be glad Cali can’t ask questions. 🙂


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