He Heard Our Whispers

Prayer Circle

Can it be this easy

To see stress leave

Or am I just lucky

That no one has grieved.

Is knowing that help

Is on its way

To save the damsel

And the man who does sway.

Not one tear has escaped

As we sat down and talked

We both know there is help

So he can continue to walk.

Two extra hands can only be good

To help with all things that we do

I pray that she shows and isn’t too late

As I knock on each piece of  wood.

I thank each of you

For the prayers that you gave

You know that my quest

Was asked not by one but by twos.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring

But I thank God for this wonderful  day

Giving strength and some peace for each of us

It brings joy to my heart, and now it does sing.

Terry Shepherd


19 thoughts on “He Heard Our Whispers

    • today has not been too bad, had to go get Al’s medication and buy him some more depends. he has become incontinent now due to the Parkinson’s. I rewarded him with a toy car that he always likes for being good!!! sounds childish, i know, but he is a child mentally


      • I know that he has a child’s mentally – what ever makes him happy .. that’s the most important thing – then if it’s childish or not, doesn’t matter. Glad that you both had an okay day – you deserve it.


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