This is Gross or Sick or Stupid!

Coffee Cup

It is late evening here at our house. Storage Wars is the main topic anymore on the television out here in the living room, where I used to be able to pick and choose what I wanted to watch, but no more.

Al some time back out of the blue started coming out here, instead of hiding in his room to watch television, which was a great miracle for the two of us. I had prayed a long time, that he would come out of isolation and join me, another human in the house, but, I had no idea, I would lose my choice of the boob tube.

Well, time slips by slowly in the evenings, and even though I should not drink coffee too close to bed time, in case I start wetting the bed, hehe. I do drink coffee. I have made just enough for two cups. One directly after stuffing myself with my supper, and one towards bed time.

So now is the time for my last cup, and I nook it and am putting away last dishes that I refuse to place in the dishwasher and I take my hot coffee and get ready to add my cream to it, and I see this tiny dark spot on top. I think, well, a coffee particle is floating on top, so I take my tip of my finger, and quickly insert it into the steaming hot cup of coffee. I do it so quickly, that I don’t have time to let my nervous system  to notice that it was burning the skin!

When I pulled out my finger, like Little Jack Horner, I noticed it was not a coffee particle, because it had eenie tiny wings on it. I sat the coffee cup down, with the aroma filling my nostrils, the steam rising, and my throat waiting to get burnt and quenched at the same time, and I stared at the little snot nose that had somehow slid his sneaky sand particle size body into my cup. I had now nuked the poor sucker.

The problem was it was late, it was the last cup, the last drop of the pot. Was I willing to waste more fresh coffee grounds to make a new pot, or should I ignore this gnat, knowing I have most likely swallowed bigger bugs in my life when I have opened my mouth out side to laugh or sneeze or gasp or eat!!!

I stood looking at the coffee and knew that I had already killed the gnat, killed the germs, and said the hell with it. I added my cream, washed my fingers, and said, bottoms up!!!! Geesh, maybe I should be a star on Fear Factor!

If I am dead in the morning and you do not see any blog postings from me, just check your local newspaper for major break busting news. Woman, from midwest, dies of gnat infestation, choking on a gnat. Size of insect unknown, side effects, unknown, but the gnat’s family did show up to show their sadness.

22 thoughts on “This is Gross or Sick or Stupid!

  1. I would have done exactly the same thing!! I am always saying that we have probably swallowed more small insects than we really want to know about!!


  2. I love your humor, Terry. I would have done the same thing, only it wouldn’t have been in a cup of coffee at that hour! I would be awake all night if I drank coffee before bed. It would most likely be a glass of water or juice, or in winter a cup of herbal tea. But the same thing nevertheless. I hate wasting things, don’t you?


    • i really do hate waste, my coffee is weak, two scoops for 8 cups, and this is why i don’t get wired, or if do get wired, i don’t notice. lol in the winter it is sugar free hot chocolate, or hot cinnamon teas


  3. LOL!! I have solved that problem by getting a Kurig for Christmas a few years ago. So if those nasty little creatures want to enjoy a cup of my tea or coffee they can and I can still get another fresh one. 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow!! Blessings ~ Patty


    • i had one of those last summer, but the coffees got too expensive for me as i have three cups a day, and you know……..that adds up, but the idea of fresh coffee always appealed to me, and for that i do miss my Kurig!!!! and no gnats, lol


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