Mood Enhancer

Hi I am Terry and I am writing by answering a question given to me by Plinky. Hope you get a bit of laughter and some insight as to why some of us are on the heavier side of life

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation 2008

When I was a child, I was taught, food was the medicine to make me feel better for anything that happened. Even celebrating was surrounded my mounds of food. Food brings comfort, food allows us to be in charge, to make choices of what we put into our mouths.

As a grown up now, hopefully, lol, food still brings some comfort, but more than food, I have learned to lean on my God, and my friends. To trust myself, would be a disaster, because when the mood is sad, depressed, or angry, I am not going to make any good choices, and if I let it go back to my childhood, I would be now bigger than the balloons at the Macy parade. lol

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7 thoughts on “Mood Enhancer

  1. Wonderful …. food is comfort for me too – when I’m happy and upbeat .. I don’t need to eat anything – when I’m borded, sad … and upset – I eat all the time. Even when I’m sick!!!! Ballons on my parade – never had one … *laughing and I had very few ballons during my life span so fare – but nothing I really miss. Rather have an ice cream.


    • i think we all have a little bit of this issue with one thing or another. if i can just get out and walk it would do good, maybe i will b able to with the new home health care starting Monday……………hoping…………


  2. “if I let it go back to my childhood, I would be now bigger than the balloons at the Macy parade” – I love it. I seem to react in the opposite of others when I’m upset – which, fortunately doesn’t happen much any more. But I don’t want to eat then. My stomach seems to repel the thought of food. My problem is when I’m not doing anything in particular and I want to snack. That’s definitely not good, so I seldom buy junk food to snack on. It’s just a treat once in awhile. I try hard to eat healthy, but I fall down at times. Just so those times don’t number higher than the times I stay on the healthy road. Bu the way, ice cream is one of my downfalls, so I don’t buy it often. But when I don’t have it, I sometimes really want some. Oh, well, that’s life I guess. Nothing’s perfect.


    • we eat very well here also, but there is snacks here for Al, and so I sometimes get into them, but usually my snacks are cheese or cottage cheese. my problem is i don’t move around much, but hopefully, things will change. just to take a walk would be great again!!!!!


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