Picture It and Write, Sept.15,2012

The wickedly beautiful young lady admired herself in her poisonous mirror. Thoughts of how no other could be as beautiful as she, were the thoughts that ran through her mind. She had always been praised by her parents of her beauty and her smarts growing up. Her parents wanted to encourage her out of her shyness as a young child, so they filled her mind with their own desires of their hearts.

She did come out of her shell, and once the clam jaws were opened they sucked in the innocence of young men, anxious to fulfill their adolescent  minds and wondering eyes. Once she even lured with her natural bait, the married man who lived in the next block down from her house.

What was to be a promotion from shyness to acceptance, ended up being sucked into the soul, as if the devil’s breath was breathing heavily into her. She walked with her head too high, she chose beauty, and power over school books and learning. By the time she was 16 years of young age, she walked away from the school doors, never to return again.

Her life was wasted, never leaving anything on this earth but a black mark on the sidewalk, where the cops found her dead body, showing evidence of her neck being sliced. She laid there alone, life seeping out of her veins, dying alone.

The moral of this story is that your outer beauty is only the peeling of the apple. What hides in the inner core, is who the person really represents. When we believe that there is no one better than us, along comes a spider and traps you in their web, replacing your thoughts with theirs.