Faith And Friendship

Does Anyone Ever Listen?

Are faith and friendships similar? I believe they can be quite close in relationships. I am sure many of you have more friends here on WP, than even in real life. Where else can we turn, when we are in need of someone to listen, to be encouraging, and to care.

How can we draw so near to someone we have never met? How can the heart become attached to a stranger. It is actually not a stranger, because we have used our senses to feel, to laugh, to learn and to love through the words and hidden messages of sentences.

For me, I have found several friends on here, expanding to Pinterest, Linked In, and other web sites. Our words touch each other. The reason I have even touched on this subject today, is because I have been touched, through reading one of my emails.

I have without realizing it cried over someone’s loss of loved ones, prayed for others who are in a place they do not know how to escape from. Laughed with others, and learned that others lives are not that much different from my own. It is only the uniqueness of each day that makes it seem bigger than it really is. I have learned that I am not alone, that others are willing to listen, to offer compassion, and advice.

Just for this day, I want to thank all of you, but I want to thank a few who have said Mother May I and have advanced more into my personal life. I know that I have talked on this topic before, but with my heart aching for one of my friend’s losses recently, I am once again reminded that faith and friendships are very similar.

We will believe where there is no sight. We will love when there is no touch, and we will cry although we have not seen their tears. When I leave this good earth, to never return, I will have left my own personal mark on these grounds. I will have left a piece of me in each of your hearts that have opened up to me. Thank you……………..

11 thoughts on “Faith And Friendship

  1. You are so right Terry….There are so many people that I have found here in the blogging world since I started less than a year ago, whose lives have touched mine and I feel such a personal connection with…when they hurt I hurt, when they laugh I laugh and many have been so kind to me with words they have said…You are one of those people Terry! ….Diane


    • it is really different in real life then it is online, at least in the blogging world. our hearts are open to the ones we read of, and there are more emotions shown. thank u for the nice things you say about me. you have been by my side ever since i started in March of this year


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  3. I think the reason we open up so readily is because we cannot see the faces of the people who read what we write. Have you ever been talking to someone face to face and suddenly know, just by the look on his/her face, that they think you have absolutely lost your marbles? Even if y’all think I’ve lost my marbles, I cannot see your faces, so I continue to write. 🙂

    I have a testament to what you’ve just said, Terri. When my cousin was rushed to the ICU in Florida on Monday, my mother’s first words were, “Write about Sonny on your blog. Ask them to pray.” The reason she believed this would be the solution is she reads my blog and the comments that you guys make. She knows that you guys are a great source of strength to me — that we are a great source of strength for each other.

    Keep writing, my dear friend. You so eloquently speak the truth. Sandy


    • Sandy, I will pray for your cousin in Florida. I think you are right. When we are speaking to others face to face, we watch for signals of approval or shying away. When I try to talk to my children about my life with my brother, their own concerns over take the conversation, and I believe they think out of sight, out of mind is better, so I come to blogging world, where no one is a critique.


  4. A blog can be a really powerful tool – and if we use it right we are able to make friends for life time – it’s a bit like the old pen-pal we had … that we never met through all those years when the writing was going on – I would love to know what has happen to mine … It’s like dating on line – a friend of mine his son met his wife online when they where studying – he in Germany and she in Hong Kong. It took 6 years before they met. I think why we come so close here is that we open ourselves, our heart and souls – in total different way then we do in real life, because here can nobody really hurt us. I think it’s fantastic the friend that has grown for me here on WP and hopefully I will be able to meet some of them in person – and you’e one of them, Terry.


    • that would be awesome if we ever were able to meet, but for now, i don’t want anything to happen to our friendship. i guess this means i think a lot of you my friend……………….


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