10 thoughts on “QUOTES

      • I am very well thank you. I didn’t get home until after 10:00 – had to stop at the store on the way home from church then drop the pastor home (his wife had an appointment somewhere) and two other people from church. After 7:00 tomorrow night will be fine. I tend to get a little forgetful of the time sometimes, so if it’s a little later, don’t think I have forgotten about you. God bless.


      • Don’t worry, I forget also. As the days get shorter and shorter and the chill and snow take over the land here, you will not see me venturing out, unless it is an emergency. i am always in…………….getting old, i guess


  1. Terry, behind in my reading here … haven’t been in good form for a couple of days now. Getting there. You know me – but I think Gods light fades by the day .. or maybe it’s because I can’t see it.


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