this made me feel so moving that i cried. i love my friends………….

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Where to begin???

I got it into my mind to meet (visit) a blogging friend

No, I had never met her personally… She has a brother, Al… who has Parkinson’s disease … She has her own blog… and has made hundreds of blogging friends … just by describing her daily life with this debilitating disease

When I first read her blog… I guess I was drawn to it due to working with Special NeedsChildrenfor 30+ years and also by having a son diagnosed with Bi-polarDisorder

I could sympathize!

Of course I’m not the only one as I said… that gives her words of encouragement… feels her hurt… her pain… her tears … her fears… as she watches her brother’s body deteriorate

I have learned so much from her blog… as to the real meaning of…

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    • they seem very nice and they are trying to get Al to be able to walk as long as possible, they explained when he was out of sight, that he won’t be able to walk one day but they were trying to prolong it


    • you are so welcome, did u see where it looks like i am winking??? hehe, it was the sun i was trying to keep out of my eyes, yes, for real, no flirting here!!! lol or was i winking hi to you!!!!


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