Calm Tremors


The sleep that I got did me so much good

I’d wish for it each night, if only  I could

I had the energy today of a big  jumping jack

I cleaned the house thoroughly never looking back

The hospital bed and commode are in place

I cleaned his room and also threw the waste

I sorted the summer and winter wear

With his weight loss, now the closet is bare

His tremors were calm, and a smile did show

So I took him to supper and then we did go

To Wal-Mart he headed straight for the toys

To buy a new car, he fitted in with all little  boys

He grinned as he picked it and showed it to me

I smiled at him, as proud as a sister could be

I wish every day was just like today

But I will take what I can and thank God for this day.


24 thoughts on “Calm Tremors

      • Yes, it was, Terry. And I slept through the night last night for the first time in over a week. Today, since I got home from church, has been a very relaxing one. So relaxing, in fact, that I kept falling asleep during a movie. But the phone kept waking me up. 🙂


      • those darn phones……..if i take a nap, the phone always rings, so i have learned to take the cell and cordless to nap with me also!!!!! so glad you got to sleep the entire night!!


      • I don’t own a cell phone and for some reason my portable dies rather quickly when off the base whether I’m using it or not. My other portable totally died and doesn’t work any more so I need to get a new phone. When I ‘m in the living room I have to run down a long hall and into my bedroom to get to the phone, and the answering machine picks up after only 4 rings (no other options on it). So I limp along as quickly as I can to catch it before the answering machine kicks in. Guess it gives me some exercise. 🙂


      • i just bought a new cordless phone that came with two phones, and I paid 40 dollars for the set. I didn’t think that was bad considering how expensive they can be. I only have a cell because my daughter only has a cell and she can’t call me from a land line phone, and so it would cost her a lot if i didn’t have the cell, but some day i am going to get rid of it because they are so costly


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