Picture It And Write, Sept. 24/2012

He was evil and she was even more evil. Together they would conquer the world, and the two would rule over everything that was bad.

They had been cloned years ago, the two of them. The thoughts were to create spies to enter the world. The had with them the equipment of hidden cameras, lasers, and built-in radars. But on the day they were made, electrical  equipment had been malfunctioning, but in the passion to mold their ingenious ideas, humans had went against better judgement, and had created monsters, from a bad spark.

When the lever of the robotic  was turned down, placing the thinking probe into their chest, a spark had traveled from the machine, entering in to the cavity, and smoke rose from with in the room, but the creatures were made, and anyone that was in the room at this point, went to their graves with the deep dark secret.

Now years later, hate was more visible than ever in the world. Greed became an obsession, wanting more than was deserved, taking without conscience, ripping hearts out of humans, and leaving them for dead. Souls were being tossed away like pieces of garbage. Sex was used for pleasure only, and  love was escaping the planet.

Scientists had been working on trying to figure out how to repair the damages, but there was little help, and not much clues to go on. Every step that was made towards repairing these two vultures, was taken back two steps as their ideas failed one after another.

One day a college student entered the scientific room, and he had been pronounced such a genius, that once word had seeped out in the department, they were very eager to put him to the test of showing his intelligence.

Week after week, studies were done, tests were made. The new graduate would take home with him each night, notes he had written, drafts that had been scribbled on, and he would study them for hours.

After many weeks  had gone by, the studying had paid off, and he went into work during the dark hours of the morning. He compared his new sketches to the equipment in front of him, and discovered, one small wire lay unattached to anything. There was no life in it, it was dead.

He grinned from ear to ear, as he carefully reattached the wire, and slowly turned on the current to the robotic. No smoke, no burning smells, he had done it. He had found the problem and had fixed it.

He immediately got on the phone to one of the supervisors, waking him up from a dead sleep and explained hurriedly what he had been able to do. The supervisor told him to hold on, don’t move, that he would be right there!

In no time at all the two were engrossed in the robotic arm. Testings once again were done repeatedly, and the two were satisfied that all had been fixed. The two of them sat down and went over and over in conversation, about how this had happened. Something so simple, something so over looked.

Daylight was streaming through the windows, and they both decided to run a couple of doors down to the little cafe and grab some breakfast and coffee. By the time they were finished, workers would be entering the doors.

When everyone had arrived to work, the new scientist was given the floor and explained how everything was working properly, and he told of how it was so simple and yet so commonly placed aside.

Everyone came to him and patted him on the back, yelling congratulations. Bottles were being popped open and drinks were on the house, some were even  poured over heads, there was so much giddiness in the room.

The next goal was to capture the two droids and place them in white jacket-type braces. They had to find them. One of the men claimed that when ever he went to the park with his dog, he would find them hiding among bushes and in shadows, so a few of the men grabbed their jackets and took off to look for them.

By now, the whole building had been let in on the celebration, and several closed lap tops and turned conversations off and before long a posse was on the hunt. It didn’t take long to find them, as they were in the park, and they had managed to grab a hold of a human and were getting ready to terrorize and kill. One man had brought with him a drug, that would paralyze the shells and with each man putting all of his weight to hold the machines down, they poured the drug into each mouth.

Within seconds, the shells were still,paralyzed temporarily,  and were then taken back to the lab, and placed in the jackets. When the signal was given, the robotic arm came down and the repairs were made.
Eyes were opening and movement was stirring. The work had been performed and the final products were now standing in line together, waiting for their commands.

The new scientist was already thinking ahead, his head whirling in thought on how to get the world to go back to the way it was. Balanced, less greed, and more love for one another, but he could think of nothing. Nothing could ever undo what the tiny misplaced wire had accomplished.



20 thoughts on “Picture It And Write, Sept. 24/2012

    • i am sorry, scientific writing is not a major or even close to a minor writing for me. i did my best with what i knew. English is my first language, I have lived here my entire life. Spell check didn’t find any errors, and I am sorry that you did, but I hope you appreciate the plot of the story


      • I appreciate the plot, no doubt I do. The idea of a misplaced wire leading to such a profound change in the characters is a lesson for us all. And the criticism has nothing to do with scientific writing. That is a different beast all together.


      • thank u so much for your honesty. i used my imagination more than knowledge and thought it turned out fairly well. sometimes our mistakes here on earth are the simple ones, that if we just look in front of us, the answer is staring straight at our eyes, but we look for the bigger things to fix


    • HI Anne, so nice to be able to chat with you once again. I have missed seeing you. The doctors say this about your brain? A lot of people do have a wire that is not connected, and this is true about my brother also. It makes a big difference if one is not placed right, can you imagine if several were not in their proper places???? how have you been my friend……….


  1. It’s great to read a story that puts emphasis on the little things. The little things are very important! I also liked the idea of them being clones. Great writing, Terry. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda


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