Dedicated To My Brother

Whispering Gently

One night as I was sleeping well

I heard a little tinker bell

I looked up at the darkness light

And there was oh so bright a light

I heard the voice say I need you now

It said do listen and then do vow

A man you know that is your brother

Has asked for help from none than other

He fears his life may be in doom

He is waiting for you in the other room

Give up what you think is important today

And help your brother to find his way

He will become dependent and weaker than you

He says he trust no other that only you will do

I tell you child this journey will be hard

Satan has thrown in the joker of all cards

You will achieve your own lessons  this I know

For I have planted tests to see if you will grow

His end of life may come sooner than yours

Just love him today and tomorrow the chores

Show patience and kindness, this way you both win

And I will reward you and throw away your sins.

There is no one better to do this job

It will be like shelling the hard casings on an old corn cob

I have give you this because you said you love me so

I know you won’t fail me, now turn and go

For this is your talent  that I have given to you

I know that you will always do the best you can do

And one day when it’s over, you will look back

And see that your brother had nothing to lack

He loves you, you know with all of his heart

He just has some issues with displaying this part

For I knew when I thought of you and him

That you would be the one who could get him to grin

There is nothing more special than two siblings who share

And I made sure when creation was thought, I’d make you a pair

Now go unto him he is calling your name

Help him to feel special and needed the same

Now open your eyes because this is no game

He is crying and lost and I hear him calling your name

Terry Shepehrd



51 thoughts on “Dedicated To My Brother

    • something kept nudging at me to write something special about my brother, that i would have for all times. this poem came straight from the core of my heart. thank u for sharing it with me


      • Terry, Marilyn Griffin is my sister and she sent this to me. This is an absolute wonderful tribute to your brother. You should put this in a frame and have it ready for when he passes to set by his casket. This tells it all.


      • It is so nice to meet you. I just love Marilyn. Al still speaks about the lady who came to see him who gave him the coca cola hat that is hand made. LOL
        I do have this particular blog printed off. I don’t have it in a frame yet, but now that you have planted the idea, I will get a frame. I hope that you can spend some time with me when you have a chance!!!!!!


      • I am so sorry for your loss Patricia. I agree brothers and sisters are so special. I just hate to see it when siblings fight and do not speak for months or years


    • thank you MDP for a wonderful comment. I am not sure if he thinks I am a wonderful sister, lol, he says he is the brother and i am the boss, hehe, it isn’t really like that but in his mentality, that is the way he sees it!!! stop by anytime my friend!


    • aww, u just brought a tear to my eye. i am an emotional creature, and when someone says such nice things about me, i shed a tear. god bless and thank you. i could never had made it this far without all of you


  1. I want you to know that you are a beautiful writer, who shares a beautiful heart. To record the raw moment of emotion that you do is a gift to others. You tell the human story of suffering and redemption, and at the end of the day, we can all relate. Thank you for such a lovely sharing. . .


  2. Beautiful written – you’re so full of love, compassion and passion for Al. I admire you so – you are so strong to heart and soul – and generous with what you’re and what you have.


  3. This touched me Terry.
    What you are doing for your brother takes so much strength, love and selflessness and not everyone is capable of it.
    God sees all you do and is watching over you and Al every day.
    He is lucky to have such an amazing sister like you


  4. Terry, this poem is a real blessing. When you come to terms with what the Lord has given you to do it’s so much easier – no, I didn’t say easy. But knowing it is a call from the Lord gives you more peace about those difficult things you do have to do. The struggle against it is over and you can simply get on with the job with all the love that is in you because you know that the Lord is with you and doing this through you. God bless you and Al.


    • thank you Diane. your words are very important to me, and I will always try to do my best with Al. I do know this is what I am to be doing for now, so when we have work to do , we do it right? and smile through it


  5. Terry this is so heartwarming and shows such a love for your brother. God bless you and Al. I know it is a very difficult situation right now, but take comfort in knowing that you will hear these words, “Well done good and faithful servant”.. Hugs! Patty


    • not everyone enjoys poetry, and I can even admit that there is a lot of poetry that I would have to sit down and figure out what the words mean themselves, and then what are they actually saying, but for me, simple is best, heart to heart stuff. thank u for letting me know that you did enjoy this, and I am sorry it caused a tear. god bless my friend


  6. You just continue to amaze me with your writings. This is so beautiful. God chose well for your brother’s caregiver. You are amazing, my friend.


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