Best Month of the Year

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Fall leaves

My favorite month of the year is probably different than what you think I will say. No, it is not my birthday, nor is it Christmas, although Christmas has a whole story of its own on a separate page.

No, my favorite month of the year is October. The heat is pretty much gone, the weather is beautiful. The leaves on the trees put paintings to a shame with their vibrant colors that only God could have given such perfection. Cool nights, sunny days is what I adore. Cleaning out summer clothes of drawers and closets, replaced with fall and winter clothes, makes me feel like I have gone on a big shopping spree, as I have not seen those clothes for some time. Now I can quit shaving my legs, why? because who is going to see them through my sweat pants that are so comfy for staying inside on the cold days. One more thing that i love about October, is the smell of burning leaves. Yes, I know about the environment, and some have raspy voices from the smoke, but I grew up playing and running in the leaves, watching dad burn the leaves, and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Great memories I still carry with me today.

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Just Me, Nothing More

English: The Woodside Hotel and the big tree

He is behind the tree, that big one over on Clark Street, the one that has a zillion leaves flowing from each tiny branch, yes that is the one, you remember. He is standing underneath of it, hiding in the flowing shadows.

He is waiting for just one to walk by. The one who has no confidence, the one who walks this earth afraid to step forward. Have you seen him or her? Do you recognize the person that I am talking about? No, yes? Well he knows, he always knows.

His nose picks out the sense of fear, scared, weak, shy. Yes, he is waiting to pounce, to take what little you have left. Your entire life having fought to be the one that you were meant to be, but have not been able to have enough belief or strength in yourself to get to the point, that HE will not be hiding behind the shadows, ready to jump out at you, and scare you to death.

Did someone ever tell you that you were dumb, stupid, worthless, or unwanted? Did that one superior ever thump you on the head, knock you off of your feet, break a tooth out?

Did you ever sit in your bedroom on your bed, in the dark hours, and cry yourself to sleep, until morning finally broke through your windows, letting you know that this is a new day, that today you can have new hope?

Did you ever try your hardest to be picked, to be chosen, to have your name called in a school game out on the play ground, but no matter how you smiled, or begged, or kept still, your name was always called last? Did you ever wish that you belonged to that certain group, wore those clothes with the expensive name tag on the back, have those shoes with the familiar name on the side?

When we are children, we are innocent, and believe that everyone loves us, that we are precious to family, and when we go to school, we begin to see the differences between us and them? You begin to notice their style, their laughter, their popularity.

When you become a teenager, you have even more problems with fitting in. You discover that your friends have girlfriends or boyfriends, and you still have no one. The school dance comes around, and you have no one to ask.

It can be a rough life to live as an adult, and we carry with us many of the hurtful things that were said or done to us from our youth and childhood. Some of us have families or people who have spent time with us and have helped us get over the hump of youth to adulthood, and others have fallen by the tracks, seeming hard to stand, only able to still crawl.

We all need a helping hand, someone who loves us for who we are, not what we wear, not how many friends we have, or who we are married to. We need to know that each of us is worthy of obtaining anything in this world that we so desire.

Thank goodness there is God, a superior who loves us in spite of all of our sins. I know that there are a lot of people in the world who do not believe in God, and this is sad to me, but I can not live those lives, but I can pray for lost life, that the soul will turn one day to the warmth of God and reach up to the hands that are so patiently waiting for them.

Remember the big tree over on Clark Street, the many leaves that form dark shadows in the night? A place where evil and bad things are waiting for someone to come by, so that he can reach out and snatch that soul? His nose can sense all weakness in the world.

I am not trying to preach, and I am not trying to place fear in anyone. I just want to give food for thought here. I have been on that sidewalk, edging closer to where he is standing, but God reached out and grabbed me, and placed me on another side walk, closer to home, keeping me safe with his love. I am so thankful that I have been lifted by the hands of a power, much greater than even what I think I have. I am a common soul, nothing special, not rich, don’t live in a fancy home, don’t have name brand clothes, but I am blessed, truly blessed.