Best Month of the Year

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Fall leaves

My favorite month of the year is probably different than what you think I will say. No, it is not my birthday, nor is it Christmas, although Christmas has a whole story of its own on a separate page.

No, my favorite month of the year is October. The heat is pretty much gone, the weather is beautiful. The leaves on the trees put paintings to a shame with their vibrant colors that only God could have given such perfection. Cool nights, sunny days is what I adore. Cleaning out summer clothes of drawers and closets, replaced with fall and winter clothes, makes me feel like I have gone on a big shopping spree, as I have not seen those clothes for some time. Now I can quit shaving my legs, why? because who is going to see them through my sweat pants that are so comfy for staying inside on the cold days. One more thing that i love about October, is the smell of burning leaves. Yes, I know about the environment, and some have raspy voices from the smoke, but I grew up playing and running in the leaves, watching dad burn the leaves, and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Great memories I still carry with me today.

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12 thoughts on “Best Month of the Year

  1. Although I love the colors in the trees in October, I do not like the cooler weather, nor do I like the implication that winter is just around the corner. 🙂 I like heat (not high humidity, though). We had a beautiful day here today, but there was a chilly wind. It’s now 10:00 at night and 50′. I don’t mind that temperature for night – it’s better for sleeping.


  2. My favourite month too, though it helps that my birthday is on Thursday!

    It starts to get cold here, I love the cold. The colours are beautiful to. At the end of October I start to get excited about Christmas and I can cosy up next to a real fire. Lovely.


    • I love real fireplaces, I don’t have one, but I do have an electric fireplace that puts off heat and flames, in fact, I have it on now.
      In case I forget it, have a wonderful birthday this coming Thursday. I hope it is everything that you hope it is!!!!!


    • oh thank you my friend…………there is just more than words can express about October……….fresh apples and cider, roasted marshmallows, campfires,,,,,,,,,,love it all!!!!!! a big hug for you from me!


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