Four Seasons

Sun reflecting on the corn

roasting a marshmallow

In the state that I was born

Shadows of trees against the skies

Awaiting the day of new sun rise

Leaves are showing yellows and reds

Soon will by lying on the ground all dead

Rakes in hand will be at work

Cleaning the ground and stirring the dirt

Campfires will be burning bright

Giving off colors of orange lights

Marshmallows and chocolate together will be

A treat to be shared with those around me

Sweatshirts and jackets will be put on

Shorts and tees will be bagged and gone

Pumpkins will turn into scary faces

Kids will trick and treat in all familiar places

Windows are shut and the heat is on

Now we know our summer is gone

For I love the four seasons that we share

Giving us beauty as we tarry there

Snow will come next and then some rain

Then before our eyes summer is here again.

12 thoughts on “Four Seasons

    • thank you Ivonne! I lived in Florida for a few years, and I never got used to the non seasons. Christmas was warm, and the grass was always green. Never seemed like home when I had grown up with the seasons. So glad you enjoyed it and it brought back some nice memories!!!!


  1. Terry, you have so much talent inside you – this is so beautiful – even if I’m not a poem person. I love the 4 seasons too – I think I will struggle to live somewhere there isn’t season – like in constant warm climate. I was looking around for you yesterday – been so quite around you – are things okay with you and Al????


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