Picture It & Write Sept 30,2012


Today I am writing an exercise for


The picture is this: As I looked at this photo I wasn’t sure what I should really be writing, as it seemed that certain thoughts were running through my mind, but then the more I looked at it, I began to see different things. Isn’t it strange how our minds work?

We see something and our fist impression can be totally different from what we see if we take the time to let our brain expand and take in what really is the whole picture. Is she trying to portray herself in a sexual way? Is she doing a certain exercise? Maybe she is a dancer with a play that is being acted out. If you let your mind wander you can come up with many things.

She lay there her  fair skin showing

And eyes are certainly bound to be  roaming

The beauty we see with our first look

Reminds us of contents in a book

Or maybe a play that we just saw

When our eyes were big and our face in awe

Or maybe the grace on the exercise floor

That we noticed as soon as we opened the door

For what ever the scene that our memories do bring

This photo brings beauty to all who have seen.




12 thoughts on “Picture It & Write Sept 30,2012

    • thank you. it shows great challenge to me, to write what i first see, or write what i truly look at. i loved this challenge, and it also shows that we each are different in our thoughts and actions…………thanks for the great comment


    • hi Nanda!!!! so nice to meet you and I am thrilled you stopped by. I used to write down gibberish poetry as a youth and teen, but since this may, i have decided to let public eyes see it and hoped that they would enjoy it! so glad you let me know!!!!


  1. Very different contribution, Terry. I like it! I really like the question, “Is she trying to portray herself in a sexual way?” Why does twisting the body into difficult positions imply sexual connotations? Good work.


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