Back In Business!

Today, I am back in business. A dear friend has sent me this beautiful camera, and there are no words for me to even begin to express how much I love it, and I  can now go back to sharing with you photos that I take.

Thank-you Lord, for the wonderful people in my life! May God bless you for what you have done for me.

Al taking it easy

sun peeking out

pumpkins for sale

trees starting to change


31 thoughts on “Back In Business!

  1. That ‘tree starting to change’ is stunning. Absolutely stunning. It’s like it’s on fire, you know, in the gentlest way. Beautiful.


      • I didn’t know that, Terry, but I love facts of nature like that which are right under our noses & we have no idea what’s going on at such a pace in that tiny world.

        Thank you! 🙂


    • thanks Carolyn, I think this is Al’s favorite position!!!! Yes, I agree, the crisp air filling our nostrils………there is nothing like it, unless you want to talk about the cold that freezes your senses!LOL


    • thanks for liking them. Al looked pretty relaxed didn’t he? I did get a hold of and got a sample package, but it would not allow me to pick a size, so I have to keep my fingers crossed. I love the colors of the trees in the fall, just hate the snow that comes behind it!!!!! hope your day is going to be wonderful. Are you still going to go see Ants?


      • He is being wheelchair taxied home for the day – arriving in a couple of hours. Still on waiting list for the stupid skin cancer so thought may as well get him home – it’s sunny. My kidney infection is not going away fast so I am a bit nervous.


      • it has been a few days, i wonder if you should let the doctor know that it is not improving. he may be able to give you something stronger to use. i hate to see you end up in the hospital over this.
        what is taking those cancer people so darn long?
        It was sunny here today and the high of 65. later this week the highs are to only be in the low 50’s. Fall is here to stay~~~


  2. I am so glad that you have your camera! Being able to engage in hobbies and other interests is very important when we are caregivers. I hope that the photography ‘takes you away’ for a few moments of respite throughout your day.


    • thank you Debbie, I love having one back again!!!!! thank u for the compliments on the photos!!! I am not a professional but i do love taking them, and even more sharing them


  3. Beautiful photo’s Terry. You know God puts people in our path for a reason…we may not know why until something like a Camera comes along. Congrats on getting back to taking pictures. 😉


    • thank you Dana! Once I was a passenger and we were going through a big city. I saw a poor homeless soul standing and leaning on a light pole, and I wanted to so feel her feelings, so I snapped her picture. I was hooked from then on. I love taking shots. If I was younger I may have considered a schooling for better use, but now I just enjoy what I know, which is fun!!!!!


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