Parkinson’s Disease Grabs Everything It Can

Today, I took my brother to our favorite restaurant, Zales Pharmacy, to eat lunch, as we had to pick up a refill for him. He walked in like an old drunk, staggering and tipping to one way and then the other, but his smiles were on full force, and the hand was waving to all he saw. He had a great appetite, and told the waitress that he just knew his stomach wanted dessert today. She laughed with him. All the employees at Zales think Al is pretty terrific. They have known us since we were tiny tots and have followed Al all through his years and his PD.

On our way home Al was laughing at me because I was stopping anywhere my eyes could catch a photo to shoot with my new camera. He said geesh, Terry, do you have to stop in the middle of the street? What if a car comes? I told him, I will move on then, no biggie.

We stopped at the grocery store and I got just a few things to keep all in stock, which came to $56.00 for two bags! I need to go into production management, where the money is being made. LOL

Then we came home and he had a therapist that was to come at 3:00pm, and she ended up being fifteen minutes late, and that set him up for smiles be gone attitude, why? Because it was his nap time, and he likes to take his nap at the same time each day, so when she got here, he was not very happy.

She made him walk outside on the ramp to her car and back, and she noticed that he does not pick up his feet, that he shuffles them. She said this was from the PD and there was not much she could do about that. She made him use his cane for balance and then he had to move his arms, holding the cane for balance, back and forth, trying to move only from the waist, but then he could not do this and she said his body was too rigid and stiff, and that his head did not move with the waist.

I watched as Al struggled through this, and then had to turn my back to the two of them, because all it did to me was show me how stiff his body was becoming.

She tried to get him to do some dance steps, simple ones, but his legs did not want to move. Finally she could get nothing else out of the work out, and his face was moody and full of blank staring. She kept talking to him and he was not talking anymore.

I felt sort of bad, because I had worn him out taking him out, but I needed his medications, and also he was a little ruffled at the thought of his nap being late. She left and told him she would be back on Wednesday, and he got up and headed for his bed.

I was a little ashamed of him because he should not show this kind of behavior just because he is not getting his way, but I did not say anything to him because he is a child in a man’s body, and his body was sore and tired from being out and his work out.

When he got up from his nap, I fixed him bacon and eggs for supper, yes, it was an easy supper for me tonight. I just don’t enjoy cooking anymore, especially when I am not hungry. He said he did not want any pain pills and then after coming to the living room, he asked when he was going to take his medications. I said you just did bud, you took them with your supper. He said oh, I didn’t see them or remember taking them, and then he asked me when is he going to have supper.

I find this confusion happening more often than not. Not with any memories of the past, but with the present living. Just think one year ago, he did not use a cane, or a walker, and he did not have a scooter. One year ago, he was continent, and he used to fill his own medications for the week. Now I hide the medications because he doesn’t always believe that I gave them to him and will try to find them. One year ago, he could tell me what he read years ago, and what happened in a chapter. Now the only thing he reads is his big print bible, or he looks at his coco cola books or he watches  reruns, because he remembers them from before and does not have to figure out the plot.

I am so glad for the smiles for these two days, and since they are back, can we send the other things that are progressing to the returns department?

Roobarb smiles

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La Lunchonette


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23 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Disease Grabs Everything It Can

    • I write so I don’t go bonkers!!!! LOL
      It is only my brother and I, and no one else. it can be very mind boggling, so I take photos and write to keep moving forward. all of you help me through this. thank you


  1. Things seem to be progressing and his memory also…but I guess as you know there is not too much you can do about it…except watch and take each day as it comes…Thoughts are with you as always…Diane


    • I can definitely see his memory changing. It seems like PD just makes a fool out of us. It can make you feel like things are looking up, but actually, in another area of Al’s brain, it is stealing his life………you are right, i try hard to take one day at a time, and by blogging i don’t get so hung up on what is happening that i lose my mind. thank u for always being so supportive of me


    • I think it does too, and although I have no proof, it seems when he is in a good mood, or having a good day, I should say, the tremors are better also. a lot of nerves are affected by this disease, so it makes sense to me, good mood, good tremors…………


    • oh bless you Lily, for saying such a kind thing about me. I do try to do my best, but sometimes it is better to leave some things in God’s hands…………….thank you so much!


  2. You can see the writing on the wall…as they say…To look back and see the changes tells us a lot…So glad you have your camera…that was so nice!..
    I like mine too…and I grab it to take sometimes silly things to those watching…but, if I get enjoyment…it’s worth it!…I’m like Al…I sometimes hate my routine to be messed up…
    both of you have a wonderful day…mkg


    • thank you Marilyn. I still think about the day we met, and hope that one day again, our lives will cross paths. you are so nice and best of all sincere, and loving………….i love taking photos for fun also, and capturing a moment, we will never be able to relive again, except through a photo


  3. Terry, he’re moody because I want to … at times and because not things goes his way – he are like a child – and if you go on about it he will be even worst – he are the way he are .. and maybe don’t pay any attentions to his mood – if he doesn’t get the attention .. it will not be fun anymore. Not an expert, but reading between the lines .. here. Enjoy the smiles .. and ignore the moods.


  4. I am glad that you can experience some smiles from Al.. I am sure that it helps to encourage your heart when you see him enjoying your times together. May the Lord give you more of these times as you seek to meet his ever increasing needs. Lord bless you.


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