Maybe A Miracle For A Few Hours?

Indirect myofascial release, Charlotte Stuart ...

Indirect myofascial release, Charlotte Stuart doing pain reduction procedure, Nelson, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

The last four days were so nice for Al and me and then it ended this morning. His tremors were back to full force and he was having a lot of pain. His whole day seemed to be nothing but tears and pain.

His shower girl came and he spoke to her of death and he cried the complete time she was here. She even remarked what a change there was from Monday. Then one of his therapist came and did some exercises and he cried and complained of too much pain. He would tell her he wanted to quit because he hurt too bad. She really did not let up, as I assume she knew what she had to do as his therapist, but my heart ached for his pain.

After she left it was only fifteen minutes until the next therapist came. This doesn’t usually happen this way, but today it did. When she came in I told her he was in a lot of pain and was not feeling well, and I didn’t know what kind of luck she was going to have with him, since the other therapist had just left.

I told her he was in bed, that he had headed there as soon as the last lady left. This therapist is what I call the cream of the crop. Not only does she know her job well, she is kind and compassionate, and does her best to bring Al’s spirits around. She told me she was going to go back to his room and do some massages on him, and I instantly felt jealous! LOL

She was back there about a half an hour, and when she came back she said that he was totally relaxed and asleep. She explained to me what she did, and that it was something that was not practiced that much anymore, but she hoped that it would help him. She explained that he could feel relaxed only for the moment, or it may last a few hours.

She said that his body was a limp noodle right now, and I just looked at her. She said he is so relaxed, that he was not even having one tremor. The procedure she used on him that not many use anymore is called Myofascial Release.

This is a link that I found online after she left, because of course, I always have to google what I don’t know so I can get with the picture. I placed it here in case any of you want to check it out for yourself or someone you know that could benefit.  I went in and peeked in on him, and he is lying very still with his body totally stretched out. Wow, that must feel wonderful to him.

I am not even going to wake him up, since supper is in the crock pot, it will be safe, ham and beans on a chilly day. I will let him sleep until he wakes on his own. I am so anxious to see if there is a change in his personality or his movements and what he has to say about the whole massage.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that it last a few hours instead of a moment. I will let you know later on how it went.

26 thoughts on “Maybe A Miracle For A Few Hours?

  1. Sorry that it didn’t have lasting effects , Terry. But thankful that she would do that, would try that for him, knowing he was in pain and just couldn’t do much more therapy that day. God bless you as you keep walking this walk!


    • i just wanted to give her a big hug, and maybe i will when i see her next. i think she made him feel better, i just wish it would have lasted, but for while he slept peacefully, thank you Debbie for these kind words


  2. so this is going to really date me but here goes! my career the entire time i was in the military was in nursing. this was back in the day when we actually gave massage of this type. we would finish our evening duties and instead of text messaging or watching t.v. (no nursing shortage then) we went around and washed hair for those who could not get out of bed, gave back rubs and pain relief massages for those who were in pain and/or having a difficult time relaxing. it was such a great boost to go in the room of someone suffering and come out to the sound of gentle snores:) hope it lasts through the night my friend. you could use it.


    • unfortunately it relieved and relaxed for only the time it was done. when he awoke from his nap, he was back to his normal gait, not good, but i was thankful for his nap time as it seemed good and i got a quickie nap in. this morning he is totally opposite, for the first time he shaved himself, got dressed and came out smiling. it shocks me as i can’t get over how this PD goes from bad to good and back and forth. I wish there were nurses today like you are. caring and wonderful and full of compassion


    • now i don’t know about that, lol, that is a ways a way, hehe, it did feel good he said to me after he woke up from his nap, but he said when she stopped the good feeling stopped, which made me sad to hear, but for his nap time his body also napped, which i bet it was thankful for!!!!!


    • oh no!!! i would not like a massage. don’t like anyone messing with my back, as it has bad spots on it, and i am also very ticklish, lol, now if someone would like to brush my hair??????? i am right here………lol


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