Can You Help Explain This??



Tremors (TV series)


I want you all to know that I am ever so grateful for every time Al smiles or there are no tears, but I have been blown away this week, and through all of the research I have done, I see no answers, and so am turning to anyone who may have an inkling of an idea as to why things are as they are now.


Al has been having home health care for two weeks, so I am wondering if this is the reason things have changed. More interaction with someone besides his sister, the physical exercises?


Al’s shadow that follows him month after month and every moment, his tremors, have calmed down quite a bit. Yeah! Along with that a little more confusion, dementia, not understanding what I say at times also. Also, he shocked the crap out of me today, and this is why I stated in the beginning sentence, that I am thankful for everything positive that comes from Al, but what is this????


He woke up this morning and was so quiet, I did not even know he was awake. He came to the kitchen and fixed his breakfast with a little bounce to his attitude, and he tells me, I washed up and I shaved myself. I said huh? What? Really? Wow, that is great!!!!


Now I have not been able to get him to shave for  months, and he has not been able to wash himself for months either. Just too weak and too many tremors. Again, tonight, I had a few glasses soaking, waiting for me to go do them. Al gets up to go use the bathroom. He grabs his walker, and with some work, he was able to stand up, and instead of heading to the bathroom, he went to the kitchen and washed and rinsed and put them out to dry, those glasses.


I am sitting there on the couch in shock, yep, me in shock. I am thinking what the ????? He has not done any dishes for so long, that I can’t remember when the last time was. I am not saying I didn’t appreciate the help, because I did, and I was loving it that he was wanting to and also able to stand there long enough to do it.


I heard some glasses  hit the floor and counter tops, thank goodness all is plastic for him, but he did them?


So my question is, what is happening here? Has he fooled me these past years and he doesn’t have Parkinson’s? No, that isn’t it. He has been diagnosed by too many doctors, and they can not all be wrong. Is it the therapy boosting his mood? If so, then I do feel bad, because I do many things for him, but I am usually to pooped to go big time with entertainment anymore. I take him to Wal-Mart, or out to eat but no big partying anymore. LOL


What is this being caused from? How can he accuse me of not giving him his medications, to wondering when he is going to eat supper when he just got up from the supper table, to having such terrible tremors that he can not wash up or shave to this? Like I said, I am not complaining, and I am happy for this, but what is causing this turn around?



36 thoughts on “Can You Help Explain This??

  1. I guess it could be due to the home health carers’ presence in your lives breaking the usual routine? Al seems to be trying to demonstrate that he cares about you? I wish I knew!


  2. Medical Science is not the end all and be all.. God ultimatley has the final say. Maybe it’s all the prayers coming your way. I have found research that says that dna is not fixed is mutable and that the human body responds to the words fit hears and to music as well. Russis is doing experiments with this concept in finding cures for illness. so be happy, sing a tune, hum play music and dance and let all the good and love flow to you my dear.




    • i am very thankful for the change, but hopefully you can understand where i am coming from. it has been many months seeing the total opposite, and so i do question why………..but am happy for him at the same time


  3. It could be many things…the therapy, the Parkinson’s changing symptoms perhaps, or maybe the distraction of having others in the house more often…It could be temporary or not…but you’ll only know by watching closely to see …Let’s not discount God in all of this either. In any case if it gives you some emotional and physical respite enjoy it!….Diane


  4. Whatever it is, I am glad he is feeling better today and you are having a better day too. Enjoy the respite, whatever the source. I hope it lasts awhile!


  5. Hello Terry,
    It is always hard to know what causes variability from day to day or week to week when someone has a progressive illness. I also see this occur from time to time in my hospice work. I do think that having a team of medical practitioners and the practical help of the home care aide helping to oversee his care and provide a different type of therapeutic intervention may be contributing this overall well-being. Whatever the cause, enjoy it and take some time for yourself when you can.


    • I am so happy you commented Terre. I was seriously thinking it is the different therapist coming in most of the week, diverting his mind from him to them. Sure wish they could remain here indefinitely………Thanks for commenting. I think I will stick with this reasoning.


  6. You’ve been blessed with a wonderful and miraculous day. Let’s pray there’ll be more and maybe this has been given to you just because you do get ‘pooped’ sometimes (and heaven knows I would have given up long before you have Terry) and you need a break. For whatever scientific reason there may be, ultimately I would like to think this giving a blessing to you was the answer to ‘why?’ 🙂


  7. Terry, I do not know the earthly answer to your questions, but it is obvious that the Lord is at work. I am just thankful that Al is doing some better and you are having some enjoyment for a change. May the Lord continue to bless you and Al.Prayers continue


  8. I don’t know why Terry, maybe just a good day and a bit of extra stimulation and change of routine. However, on the bad days, bear in mind that you will get the good days and all you are doing (after all, you kept persisting for this help for him) has made perceptable improvements to his well being. Be proud.


  9. I have seen therapy work…so, yes…I do think it is partly that…Seeing someone else…A little different voice having conversation with him…yes, I think it helps…and just “maybe” the Lord did give you a few days of the Old Al…Isn’t that grand! mkg


  10. I agree that his improvement is probably due to a combination of the new social interactions and the therapy. Doctors always say if we exercise more we actually have more energy.

    Another thing? YOU have probably changed recently too. As he is more able and under the care of others, you’ve probably had more time to do little things for yourself or just relax. The other day you mentioned running an errand while a therapist was with your brother. These little “breaks” have been very beneficial to you both.


  11. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, any type of dementia is so unpredictable. From day to day, or hour to hour – it never ceases to amaze me. It will be interesting to see how long this change in behavior lasts! You’re doing a great job and thank you for sharing your experiences.


    • you are so right Boomer! there is no stability in dementia. yesterday he told the shower girl that when he got up, he saw two black cats with top hats on. now isn’t that strange? i don’t think that is dementia? maybe hallucination? but from what, he takes no medications that would cause this……


      • A close friend of the family had Parkinson’s and she suffered from paranoia and hallucinations. I asked why she didn’t open her window blinds as it was so beautiful outside, and she said because tiny men slip through the slats to harvest her eggs…she was 78 years old…it was scary for her husband because he felt bad for her that she really thought she was seeing these men. There were other stories as well. ALL type of dementia is insidious, to be sure.


  12. My grandma suffered from dementia. And every time I would go see her, I was the one she recognized. As well as my kids. Some things I just choose not to question . As we are not meant to question these little miracles in our lives given to us. Just to accept them and take every last one in and enjoy it all while we have our loved ones with us. Because before we know it one day they are gone and all we can have are the memories. Take every moment in sweetheart and enjoy it all. Every smile every good day every laugh and every tear. These are the days you will remember and hang onto forever and always. I love scrap booking as well too. And one day when I have the time, I will sit down and do one that is nothing but all about my grandma. One thing the nurses did with her each and every day was ask her what day it was what time and what her name was and so on and so forth to exercise her brain. It did seem to help some days others she did not know and they would tell her the answers and then a few hours later ask again. Take care sweety enjoy the good days


    • I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. I wonder why it is that they recognize some and others not, but i do know that she must have thought highly of you. the daily questions of what day it is, is a wonderful idea, and I think I will do this with Al also. Nice to see you again, Tracy!!!


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