What Keeps Me Going

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I could not even begin to tell you how much time I spend on the internet, as it is most of my day. I take care of my brother, and watch and listen to therapists who are trying to let him remain as physically strong as possible. I clean and cook and do laundry, and change wet beds, and empty bedside commodes. I take Al to doctor's appointments, buy groceries, pay bills, and visit with about anyone who does come to the door. This leaves time then for me, my coffee, and my visiting with my wonderful friends at Facebook and WordPress. I could not make it as far as I have now without this internet. It is a way to reach out to the world.

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24 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going

  1. I would probably have pined away for company had it not been for the internet and gadgets. Being stuck in this country is no wonderful joy. Especially if the only company you have are your own thoughts. I’m really glad that you have this lifeline to reach out around you and keep in contact with those who are far away. Did I mention, HI TERRY!! I love you!!<3<3<3


    • hi Kadeen!!!! love and hugs being thrown at you from me!!!!! too bad we live in different areas, because you are one person i would love to meet!!!!!!! you and i both love the company of the internet, and this has kept us together, so i give thanks for the cyber space!!!!!!!!


      • LOL! I would probably have brought out my inner gourmet chef being around you. Somehow when I think of you I bring to mind cookies and brownies and lemonade and lots of laughter <3<3<3 Ah well, the internet can't give us everything, but atleast there are lots of conversations and photos. 😀


      • this is true, but all those goodies that you mentioned??? i like those too!!!!! would love some apple crisp about now too!!!! LOL
        hug and love


      • Never tasted apple crisp…..Oh why are we tempting each other with goodies? 😦 LOL! Huggies and loads of love right back at you <3<3<3


    • and just think, it doesn’t cost so far to email or chat!!!!! it is hard to believe that we know people all over the world, but we do!!!! several call me and I have met some, the internet is the best invention!!


  2. 🙂 The Internet can certainly be a wonderful thing, I agree. Have a good day Terry…hope you’re doing alright. Been out of the loop for several days, visiting friends in Atlanta. Hope all is well.


    • where you are at, can you imagine how much you would not know if you didn’t have the internet!!! and yet not so long ago, we were in the position of waiting until we arrived home to retrieve news and phone messages!!! hope you are doing well today my friend


      • I am Terry, thank you. Yes, I think I would be living a very different life now had we no access to the outside world through the net. The isolation here would have crushed me 🙂


  3. Whatever your reasons for spending time on the internet (mine’s agoraphobia) it truly can be a lifeline. I have so many friends here and yet rarely see my neighbors. Yes, it does provide an outlet, a greater view of the world and the friends we find therein. ~Lynda


    • it is the same way for me. i live in an area where i am surrounded by senior citizens much older than Al and me. to talk to them about my own home life, brings me more sadness as i see what growing old does to a person. i prefer to stay here and converse with people like myself and people that are uplifting!!!!! great comment Pixi!!


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