Are You Listening?

Psalm 27

Psalm 27

Can I bring the crappy part of me out

Can I scream and throw a fit all about?

Can I quit pretending that this day will end

Never to see its ugly face again?

Is hope a thing that I can stand on

Or will it continue to let me down.

Is God really watching over me

Is he listening wherever he may be?

Is it alright to be angry now

To rid the stress upon my brow?

Must I smile and bow to all I see

And pretend that we are a happy family?

Do I say that I am alright today

When all I want is to run away?

Do you not see the tear in my eye

When I look above and ask oh why?

Would you help someone if they wanted to die

Or would you stare and ask them why?

Do you explain the rights and wrongs

Or do you start singing the songs of Psalms?

I can feel anger coming over me

At what this disease has brought me to see.

I am tired of waiting can’t you tell

I want you to heal him and make him well.

If you can’t do this then take him home

Give him his legs  back, so he can roam.

I have had all I can take, I have given my all

I pass the ball to you, and now it is your call.

34 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

  1. Sometimes it is when we relinquish something that the Lord can fully step in to do His work. I pray that you will see more of the handiwork of God in your situation as you hand your work over to Him. I pray for His hope to fill you, His joy to strengthen you, His love to envelop you, His faith to keep you going when it seems as if you can’t take another step. God bless you, Terry. I also pray for a good night’s sleep for both you and Al and that it will refresh you and restore you.


  2. I’ve been reading that you two had an extremely emotional and exhausting day. Just remember that God always hears the cries and pleas you send up to him. Your hurt, tiredness and frustration may sometimes block you from seeing the figure standing beside you, but the moment you stumble, or sag in defeat, God already has you in his hold, and He’s sparing you from what He knows you can’t bear. I love you, Terry and I hope you and Al have a better day tomorrow <3<3<3

    P.S. That was another fantastic poem, nothing like purging the soul with the words of your heart and sharing it with us, huh? <3<3<3 (Y)


    • thank you for being so loving and kind………..i love having your friendship. and the poem??? sometimes i just lay it all out don’t i??? lol. i m still carrying some hope and am hoping for progress tomorrow


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