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      • Thanks. I have been rather busy the last few days. Monday was our Thanksgiving. On Sunday I went with Robyn to her parents for dinner. Monday we spent moving furniture around (as well as a lot of other stuff) to make Robyn’s room better and in the long run the dining and living rooms got more space, too, even though we didn’t get rid of much. We worked for 6 hours, and I was exhausted – still was yesterday. So I haven’t been online much.


      • Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours is the third Thursday in November, always. I love moving furniture around, if I can still do it! lol, makes me feel like I accomplished something!


      • Only problem is that my muscles are so sore and it certainly didn’t do anything for the back and hip pain I already had. But I did use my back supporter all day and I think it would have been much worse had I not worn it. I’m going to have to try to get at my storeroom tomorrow so I can get all that stuff out of the dining room. One good thing is that now I can get at my sewing machines. They were in Robyn’s room so I couldn’t use them and Robyn couldn’t use the space the table took up. It will feel good to get the whole apartment re-organized. The storeroom is the worst. It is a fairly large room with floor to ceiling shelves, but at the moment not only are the shelves full but the floor is covered with stuff a couple of feet high. I had to dump a lot of things on top of each other in order to get the desk out of there to put in Robyn’s room and to get another piece of furniture in it’s place. It was a little like a Chinese puzzle – move this to put that there, and move that to put something else there so that something else could be moved into place…you get the picture.


      • I really do get the picture!!! I do the same thing. Move something here or there, it puts a whole new look on the room!!!! I don’t like it that you have pain, but I like it that you got some things accomplished today!!! Take it easy tomorrow, don’t make your back worse young lady!!!! Hugs, Terry

        terry shepherd tellmenolies2004@yahoo.com sugarplumbaby4you@yahoo.com facebook member



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