If You Want To Help Me, Now Is Your Chance

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You know me well enough by now to know I am never a quitter. I may be down on bended knee. My chest may be dragging the floor, and my feet dragging at times, but I am no quitter!

I have this idea for Al. It made his day so special at his birthday, but now I want to bump it up a notch. At Al’s birthday, I made a special birthday page just for him, and so many friends around the world wished him a  happy birthday.

The sad thing was, I was not able to print off that page so Al could touch it. Sometimes I go back to it and read the well wishes for Al so he knows there are people out there that care and yes, some of you love him as a Christian brother, but this time I would like to do more.

It won’t cost much, and it won’t take much time, but I am hoping that when Al sees the hearts of a lot of you, he will quit thinking of dying and how to make it happen. Hopefully, he will be able to be torn away from his pain for just awhile.

So here is what I would like to propose. Friendship cards, get-well cards, happy cards, funny cards. Remember, his mentality is about ten years old and he loves vintage cars, and coco cola, and football and basketball, and so I think any card will hopefully put a smile back on his face.

I don’t feel it is appropriate to put my full mailing address on here, but if you email me at


I will be glad to give  you the proper mailing address for our home. You will place the card in my name, % of my brother’s name.

I sure hope that each of you will not look at this like I am trying to get something for nothing. The reward that I am trying to reap is some happiness for Al.

Well, this is my idea, and I hope to hear from many of you.

Please do me one tiny favor? Place card in the subject line of your own email, so I do not consider it spam.

33 thoughts on “If You Want To Help Me, Now Is Your Chance

      • I slept about six hours, and heard no strange noises. Al woke up without complaining of any pains, not saying he isn’t because he asked for them, but at least no complaining. I have soft music on to try to keep the mood in the house soft and nice. I hate being on my guard, but can’t help it anymore. I am just waiting for the ball to drop, so to say. LOL, but so far so good. Shall we have a party for a good morning??????


  1. Passing through just saw this post of yours Terry. My heart goes out to both Al and you. Reading your post only reinforces the power of faith and intention. You , my friend, embody this for the world to see. I would of course be sending you the email…..



    • I totally understand, but I believe your heart and soul are here with Al, and that counts…………God Bless you while you are there


  2. Yoiks! I’ve never been good at following directions… Please watch for my email; the subject line is Mail for Al instead of card like you asked. I’ll send Al a couple of cards from Jordan, the other Holy Land!


  3. Of course I want to help. I sent you an email. It is from lthousepenguin@…
    I am so sorry I missed Al’s birthday. When was it?


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