10 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating with Kitchen Items

      • I don’t like Christmas because people can’t afford it any longer and still carry on – all this fuss for 3 days .. lonely people are feeling more lonely, people pay of Christmas for the rest of year and the gifts have lost its meaning. It all commercial today and that’s why I don’t like it. A Hyper without no limits – at least we don’t see them. The whole thing with bring the families together that don’t even meet during the rest of the year or talk on the phone. People can’t afford proper food for the rest of year, but at Christmas we stuff yourselves so we nearly make ourselves sick. Too many MUSTS those days.


      • this I can totally understand. I feel the same exact way. I have been dealing with this mentally for a couple of months now about our own family Christmas. I can’t afford it and I hate it that people come to get gifts and they never appear the rest of the year. It is awful! When I mention toning down gifts or no gifts, just family and chat, they don’t like it


  1. Some great ideas, I will have to save the links…I am one of the few lucky ones…we have toned down Christmas a lot in the past few years and have gone back to the real reason of the Christmas holiday. As I explained to friends and families, they have respected my decision and some have also adopted the same view. When gifts are exchanged, we keep it simple and lots of homemade with love gifts, including cookie exchanges and lots of happy visiting done in the spirit of Jesus’ birth. It pains me when I hear about family/friends getting upset over not getting presents. Give me a visit with tea and cookies (homemade, store or bakery brought it doesn’t matter) and I am one happy person. One year I got an assortment of jams…now that was a gift that was heartfelt because the person remembered I like jam on toast and my favorite sandwich is PB & J. And it sure did not go to waste!! 😉


    • those are the Christmas’s that i want also. It is way too commercialized, with commercials making children and some parents think they have to go buy it all. It is all backwards.People go broke during this holiday and forget what it is all about


      • It is comforting to ready more and more people are giving up on the commercialism of Christmas, who knows one day we will see Christmas for what it is once again.


      • we can hope can’t we, maybe there is a reason people are losing their jobs and money is tight. maybe God knows this is one way to get our attention


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