Memories of Trick or Treating

Frosty nights, feel the bite

Photo of a Halloween trick-or-treater, Redford...

Autumn leaves falling down

Dropping so softly to the ground.

Time for planning trick or treats

Getting candies all in a row

Ghosts and goblins now do show.

Lights and sounds and eerie noise

Under the street lights children go

Holding bags out and costumes that glow.

As we open up the door

We go back in time and remember when

We were the ones trick or treating then.

Looking past the mask they wear

Wondering if we know them and get our bowl

They take the treats, and off they go.

Life has passed us quickly by

Childhood is gone and now we stand

In the door, giving treats with our loving  hands.

Terry Shepherd

Oct.14th 2012


16 thoughts on “Memories of Trick or Treating

  1. Live in Belfast and worked in Scotland … Halloween, massive there.. Really like it. Nice little poem about childhood memories and innocent. It’s a Celtic tradition, and it was to chase all the evil out of the houses before Christmas.


      • I think the Irish and the Scots brought it with them over there. It’s very big on Ireland … I don’t think it has gone out of hands yet over there. We have adapted it here too, but not so big yet.


  2. We don’t celebrate Halloween In Australia as you guys in The States do. Recently though, the past few years, it’s becoming more popular with retail outlets selling more and more Halloween outfits and baubles. I believe it started more as a way to increase ‘sales’ however, Aussies, in general, are now having Halloween parties where it’s fun to dress up. Some children (none in my little corner of the world) go door to door however, it’s certainly got a long way to go if ever it is to become as popular as it is in your country… About 4 years ago Keith and I got dressed up as a witch/warlord couple for one of our dance socials. That was great fun..!


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