Here It Is!!! I Did It!!!!

I don’t bake much anymore for a few reasons. One Al and I are both diabetics, and we don’t need the extra sugars. Two, we would eat them much too quickly with a nice cold glass of milk, and three, there is only the two of us, so I don’t bake hardly, besides I cook more than I want!! LOL

But, tonight Al is calm, except for his very sore thumb, so I decided to turn one of the music stations on the television. It is the CD that is from the seventies music, and then I turned it up a little bit high, and went to the kitchen and decided to give Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin doughnut muffins a try.

It was very easy. It definitely made more than the 12 muffins it was supposed to, so I made a little cake along with the muffins out of the left-over batter. The nice little brown touch you see is plenty of melted butter with sugar and a cinnamon mix sprinkled on top.

I have not had one, but I can bet my bottom dollar, that Al has one for his bed time snacks along with his medications.

It is just like riding a horse. You fall off and you get back on. You never forget how to bake! Yum Yum! Here they are! I did it!


36 thoughts on “Here It Is!!! I Did It!!!!

    • too bad someone has not created air speed yet, then you could have one, but wait, sometime after you and i are gone, there will be something like the banks have. a vacuum system that will go from country to country


      • I also read on another site about adding pumpkin to your smoothies. I had never thought about that before but I think I’m going to try it next time I make one – that will be tomorrow. If I like it, I’m going to be buying some big cans of pumpkin instead of the small one I have now. By the way, I did invent my own pumpkin pudding recipe with almost no sugar. If I can find it I’ll post it here. I haven’t made it for over a year, so I may have to ask my friend for it. I gave her the recipe and she is probably more organized than me. 🙂


      • i would love to have that recipe. we have pumpkin here all year long. i take the small can and put sweetner and cinnamon on it and heat it up. we use it as a veggie


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