Cards For Al

Thank you to all of our friends who sent cards...

I want to thank people for sending cards to Al. I was thrilled to see them, and I will acknowledge every few days.

These cards are lined up on his bed side table and he picks them up and looks at them often.

So I would like to thank:

Beth, from Escape


Gloria Bailey


Debbie Feller

Thank you for brightening Al’s days!!!

If anyone would like to send a card to cheer up Al, please email me at

for our physical address!

23 thoughts on “Cards For Al

      • awww Viveka, that is so kind of you to want to be of help with Al and me included also!!! you are the best, as I always have said. love you my friend


      • Terry, been busy today – with god knows what??? The time has just dispersed.
        But I have been to the post office and on Monday it will be on its way. It only took a couple of minutes to do .. and if it means that much to Al of course he should have a card – and there is so little I can do to ease your situation as such – so my little gift to you maybe will brighten up your days a bit.
        Tomorrow will I read posts again.


    • i blogged today on the cards we have received so far, and I mentioned your name as one of the givers………thank you so much, he just holds them in his hands and looks through them, this is exactly what i was hoping for


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