Be A Kid Today!

I post so many blogs about the life Al and I live that are not full of joy, but once in a while I can grab a piece of life and cling to it, bringing me great memories of my own childhood and a remembrance of how innocent being a child can be. Here are some photos I snapped yesterday afternoon of two of my grandsons, having the time of their life in nature, with no monies spent.

20 thoughts on “Be A Kid Today!

  1. That’s it! Show me a leaf pile and don’t hold me back. Just let me at ’em!!!

    Ah! To be a kid again… at least we can smile enjoying their fun and simplicity and recall happier times when we were just as content just having a pile of leaves to play in. Thanks for brightening my day!

    Okay, Where’s that leaf pile?!?!


  2. Glad you got some relief and had some fun watching your grandchildren. Great pictures, too, to keep the memory of the day alive. There’s nothing like children to liven things up! Did Al get to watch them, too?


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