Continuing Story Part 37

The nurse found the doctor and the two of them went into Dahlia’s room, and asked


everyone to please step back and allow him to look the patient over. Everyone backed up and circled around the edges of the bed. The nurse stayed in the background and wrote notes as the doctor spoke.

The doctor asked Dahlia if she could see light, and she nodded her head. She was holding her hands over  her eyes, as the light was making her eyes hurt. Watering tears could be lightly streaming down her cheeks.

The doctor took a patch out of his pocket and placed it on her one eye, and then asked Dahlia to remove her hand from her right eye, and to open it very slowly, not too fast. Dahlia did as she was told, and she looked right into the doctor’s face.

She told him that he had a nice warm smile, and he was smiling. He was grinning from ear to ear, and as he looked around at friends standing near her bed, he saw big smiles on their faces, and he saw some tears of happiness on Drake’s face.

He used his beam of light instrument and looked into her eye, and then he used the ophthalmoscope and looked in the back of her eye. Everything looked fine. He didn’t see any swelling or broken blood vessels, he was so pleased.

He then placed the patch over the other eye, and asked her to lower her hand once again and open her eye just the same way she had opened the other one. She did this and she blinked several times as she opened it a little bit too quickly, letting the light sting her eye. After it quit watering, and the doctor was assured he could go further, he once again examined the eye.

He then stood up and looked at everyone and said her eyes were like brand new! When he had performed the surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain, it had gone ahead and relieved the pressure on her eyes as well. Her eyes were as good as new!

Everyone, including the nurse and the doctor were clapping and hollering. Dahlia was doing nothing, she was just sitting up in her bed, looking. Looking at each person there. She could see the ladies from their home, and asked which one was Sue. Sue raised her hand, and Dahlia’s corners of her lips began to form a smile. She looked at each person, the nurse, doctor, and then her eyes fell onto the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. She asked him to say something.

Looking in his eyes and not taking them away, he said how happy he was for her that she could see. Dahlia’s heart began to flutter, as she knew that by that voice, the one that she had learned to love by his voice,and his touch, this was her beloved Drake.

He walked over to her and she extended her hand out and he placed his warm hand over hers, and then she pulled him to her lips and she kissed him, right there in front of everyone. Everyone cheered them and Dahlia and Drake were hugging so tight, you had to wonder if they could ever be pried apart.

The doctor said that this was truly a miracle. All this time there was no answer as to why she was blind, and now an answer had been produced. He stated that he saw no reason that this would not go on for the rest of her life. He shook hands with each person, and went to Dahlia and told her to continue to rest, and that if all remained as it was now, tomorrow she could go home.

Dahlia thought to herself, home, a place she had never seen. Her room, her clothes, the kitchen where she spent many hours with others preparing meals. Outside, her balance beam, school, her classmates, her dance teacher. Oh my, she was going to be able to see to dance. She was going to see her student she had been tutoring.

Dahlia was beginning to become excited. Her world was opening up brand new doors to her, doors that had been shut for some time. The doctor and the nurse turned and walked out the door, leaving these people to celebrate a bit longer, but he had instructed them and the nurse, that visits need to still be monitored, if they wanted the patient to be able to return to her home tomorrow.

Everyone stayed a few minutes longer, and so much chatter was being heard, that the nurse had stepped in and shut the door quietly. Soon one by one walked out in to the hall and waited for the others to come out, and then the only ones left in the room were Drake and Dahlia.

It was very quiet and Drake found himself sitting not in the chair beside her any longer, but on the edge of her bed. He stroked her hair and then stroked her arms. She looked admiringly into his eyes, trying to memorize every small detail about him. She saw the long, slender neck, and she noticed he had a strong jaw line. His eyes, they were so beautiful, long lashes covering deep blue eyes. His hair was dark and wavy, cut neat and short. She closed her eyes for a moment and went through her memories of how she had felt him to get a picture of how he looked, but nothing could compare to seeing this man with open eyes.

She started to cry and he quickly asked her if she wanted him to turn the overhead light on low and to turn the ceiling light off. She came back with a quick no. She was fine, she was just so happy she was crying. Crying with joy, crying because she loved him so much.

With those words, he got up off of the bed, and went to the other side, and helped her to move over a little bit, and then he carefully laid down beside her. He took his one arm and wrapped it around her, and with his other arm he stroked her hair and face. Together they fell asleep and when the doctor peeked in to see how things were, he smiled and turned away, shutting the door behind him.

Picture It & Write, October 21, 2012

A brand new beginning. The book of Revelations had been more than a book. More than someone’s view, more than someone’s faith. It had happened. Everything that was told would happen did.

The Christians arose from the grave and went to sit beside the almighty God. The floors opened up and everyone that had ever doubted, or had turned their backs on God, having been told about him, and still refused, were thrown in the pit of hell, to fight it out with the devil.

The beast showed his horns and made all kinds of promises to the ones left behind, that he would take care of them. He promised them a better life than they had ever lived. He promised them fame and fortune, if they would only follow him.

These left behind, had a choice still. They could pick God or choose the devil. If you wanted to choose God, you had to work for it very hard. You may starve almost to death, you may lose your home, your families, your job, and almost your life.

The price was high, but the end reward was living side by side with the almighty one. If you made it to heaven, the gates were made of gold and opened up into a kingdom, like no other that you could possibly even begin to dream of. Diamonds, and gems and stars that twinkled ever so brightly. Light that never disappeared behind a cloud, or lay down to rest.

No more pain, no sickness, cancers, jealousies, cheating, hurting, nothing to feel but happiness and peace. You walked in contentment. You wanted for nothing. Food was rich by hearing the word spoken from the lips of God.

The battles had been played and the chosen ones were now seated, and below in hell were the ones that were left behind or chose to not believe. The screams and tortures could be heard as you could see the devil and all of his followers behind steel bars, that would hold them forever and ever.

A new earth, a new dawn, a new life. The world was good, and it would once again begin to build itself all over again.


These thoughts and opinions are my own beliefs. I did not write anything to anger or hurt anyone in this writing exercise. As for myself, I am a believer of the almighty God. I am working as faithfully as I am able to at this point to walk the path to heaven. Although the works here on earth are difficult and sometimes hard, I will walk forth with faith  a little more each day. I believe with all of my heart, that the work I have endured here on this earth, is nothing in comparison to the work that I would have to do to battle between God and Satan.

I am tired and I carry stress. I have many christian friends, and I have three children, and many grandchildren that I love dearly. My prayer for today, is that not one face turns away from God, that not one human passes from this earth not hearing the word of God, found in the Bible. I pray that we lean unto the Lord who has all the answers and perfect timing.

This has been a joy to write for this week’s writing exercise, given to me by Ermilia. It is a chance to let you know what I am made up inside of my heart and soul. No one can judge me on what clothes I wear, or how heavy I am, how much or little money I have, or what car I drive. I will be judged by one and only one on judgement day, and this is all that matters. My day is coming as quickly as in a blink of an eye. Am I ready?  I hope so.