Plinky | terry shepherd

Plinky | terry shepherd.


  • Sniff, Sniff
  • Hi, I am Terry, and I am writing a short article for Plinky. A fun way to stretch the memories of my mind!!!

    My two favorite scents are lilacs and firewood.
    Lilacs remind me of my wonderful grandma who had many bushes and in the spring she would ask me to go out and help her cut bouquets and bring them in the house. With the windows open and the gentle breezes flowing through out the house, the house smelled so nice. A small sharing with only grandma and me.
    The smell of firewood brings no memories of the past really, but I do love the sense of being with friends and family while sitting around the campfires, worrying about nothing, and looking up at the bright stars, hearing the noises of the night creatures. I can sit out by a campfire all evening long. I have searched for a long time for incense or candles that actually smell like firewood.

22 thoughts on “Plinky | terry shepherd

  1. Wow! Shortest blog post I’ve ever seen (except for the times I goofed in posting a blog or sent an email instead of attaching something). I hope you can share in the chuckle, Terry. May your smile be bright, and bring others sweet delight.


  2. The wood-burning scent is my favorite too, from campfires in the summertime and camping events, to the roaring fire in the fireplace in the winter. Sometimes I get a double-dose as the scent of burning wood that lingers in the home at night infiltrates my dreams and I dream of camping. LoL 😛


      • No, unfortunately the only scented candles I can afford are the 2/$1 at the Dollar Stores. In general they are not spectacular. 😛

        I know Yankee Candles is supposed to have a spectacular line. Someone at the office was burning one that really did smell like a fresh Christmas Tree Pine, as advertised. Maybe they have one for campfires too.

        I am fortunate enough, however, to live in New England where people supplement their home heating with wood. So I can catch the scent every now and then while walking to work. 🙂


  3. Terry, here is a site that advertises fireplace scented jar candles 6.5 oz. for $9.99. They are in St. Louis MO. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 within the US. Here’s another that sells the fragrance if you want to make your own candles. They are in Minnesota. I don’t know about their shipping rates.

    I love the smell of wood burning, too. Once in a while someone around here must have a wood fire going in their house and I get to smell it. There’s something homey in that scent. I could sit in front of a fireplace for hours, too. It’s almost hypnotizing.


    • i am the same way. I am not a fire bug, hehe, but i love campfires, and fireplaces. i love the snap crackle and the smell of burning wood. i am going to go to that website and check it out. i do not make my own, but i will try to get one of those. thank u so much Diane!!! i have been looking for them everywhere!!!! a big hug to you from me!


      • And one back to you from me! I’m not a fire bug either. In fact, stupid as it might seem, I have always been afraid of even lighting matches. You should see me if I have to light one. I buy the wooden ones and use a pair of pliers to hold it while I strike it and light the candle. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But I’ve always been like that. In high school science class I always had my desk partner light the Bunsen burner. 🙂 Well, I’m signing off now. It’s time for bed.


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