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What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

My answer to this prompt is:


The one thing that I hope I never hear anyone say about me is that I am uncaring. I do care. I am passionate about people and I try to always stretch out to help someone else who is worse off than me. It may not be money that I help with, but it is a caring attitude that I try to live and extend to others.

I don’t say it often, but I think it, treat others as you would have others treat you. This is a very big sentence with a huge impact. It can carry from you to the next to the next. The world could be a better place, if we all gave a few minutes to see what we can do or how we can help our neighbor or friend or family.

I don’t do this because I am trying to get a reward, or to hear a thank-you. I do it because it is the right thing to do. I want to go to my grave, knowing that some will at least say, she was a good caring woman. She gave of herself, then I can rest in eternal peace.

So What Makes You Laugh

So What Makes You Laugh?


Question #1TV Show you watch because it makes you laugh each time?


Question #2 – Movie you watch because you always laugh? 


Question #3 – Book you have read that made you laugh?  


Question #4 – Do you laugh at funny animal pictures? 


Question #5 –  What joke always makes you laugh?


Question #6 – What made you laugh today? 


Question #7 – Who is the one person who always makes you laugh and why? 



This was in a blog I just read, and the idea behind it is to provide laughter in people’s lives, so I am willing to try this, by answering the questions she has posted. This will be good for me personally also, going back in time to my own funny memories.


Question 1 answer The Golden Girls. I laugh through this if I am watching and concentrating on the show. Sophia is my favorite. She has some smug remarks for others that are younger than her!

Question 2- Home Alone, and A Christmas Story. These two movies always make me laugh my butt off, no matter what kind of mood I have been in. The crazy things that happen, getting hit by an iron in the head, paints falling all over their faces, sticking a tongue to a frozen pole. Makes me laugh now as I am sitting here thinking about them.

Question 3- I don’t laugh from books. If I read books they are about slavery, or trying to rediscover who I am, or true stories about people who have been hurt or abused and how they triumphed

Question 4- I do not laugh at funny animal pictures, but I do laugh sometimes until my eyes water, when I see the child in Al making funny remarks over animal commercials or a cartoon, and The Three Stooges

Question 5- Jokes that make me laugh. After thinking about this for several moments, I will have to pass on it, as I have not heard funnies for years, but I do remember the first joke I heard as a young kid, and was proud to repeat it. My mother slapped me for saying naughty things. It was, why is the school-house always red? If you had six periods a day, you would be too! Whack, that is when she slapped me.

Question 6- What made me laugh today? Nothing so far

Question 7- My best friend Lezlie. We have been friends for over 30 years, and she and I will laugh so hard when we go back in time and talk about all of our memories together, especially if we talk about the horse at midnight! You will have to ask me about that silly story later.

Thanks for allowing me a chance to go back in my memory box!!!!

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Advice Hour

Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne...

I can’t seem to lick this problem, so once again, I am coming to you for advice. You have Al

English: Vintage cars from Scottish Extravagan...

who is mentally 10 years old, and physically 57 years old. You also have a stubborn man who is angry when he can not do things for himself, like he used to due to the Parkinson’s Disease.

Now take one regular size bedroom and in this room is his bed, bedside table, recliner, commode, another end table, television shelf stand, and one dresser. On everything that is able to hold anything coca cola and vintage cars sit. Every nook and corner on the floor, closet clothes are being forced to move closer and closer due to his collectibles being stored.

Now that you have pictured this room, the icing on the cake is, the nurses thinks he needs a bigger path to walk in, because he has his walker in his room, and he is considered a high risk fall person. You have me who has used the cars as a bribe in order for me to get to run to Wal-Mart, plus I have a tendency to have spoiled him this year, because of his advanced stages of his illness.

We have a storage shed outside also, that I have packed some of his collectibles up in bags and taken them out there, but they are being squeezed in between shed stored items. He has been telling therapists that I won’t let him have any cars for a while, and he is agitated at me for not letting him get them.

How do I get out of this mess? How do I keep him happy, the nurse happy, and Al safe when walking? I have asked Al if he would consider selling any of his items, in order to make room for new cars,and his answers for years have always been no, these are his!!, and we already have placed shelves up to help too.

The problem is that Al’s mentality only sees that he likes these cars and he wants them, pretty black and white for him. Sometimes I get confused with his mentality, not being sure if this is a throwing fit game, in order to get his own way, or if his mentality is actually not letting  him feel the reasoning that I am explaining to him. I also get concerned, because Al throws fits like an adult and not like a ten year old. I do see this comprehension as a growing problem with Parkinson’s, but I still need to get this issue fixed. It is driving me crazy, him being upset and  crying and me overly explaining. Ideas for me?