FWF, Free Write Friday

Before I go further, I just want to say to Kellie, WELCOME BACK GIRL!!!!!

Sara went back to the house, where  the only thing found from the incident was this one couch, proving that something had stood here at one time,  a house. A home, where four people lived. Two parents, and a set of twins. Along with this, was one dog, that did not escape, and their tabby cat, who had been found safe.

She stood, and then kneeled down into the dewy grass, and stared at what was left, her eyes searching for any other scrap of memory, but she could find none. The bulldozer was coming in later this morning, and it would be leveling the ground, of what once represented a happy home.

Her other family members were back at a  relatives  home, probably just getting ready to be awakened by the smell of coffee being made. Room had been made with a spare bedroom and two cots brought in to the living room.

Her sister never stirred as she quietly climbed out of her home-made bed and quickly got dressed and no one called out to her as she made her way out the front door. She had gotten in her car, and had driven here to where they had once lived, hoping for the nightmare that she had experienced last night, to become a reality, but it was a dream that had already been relived, and she could not send it back. She was forced to live with it and what she had done.

It was her fault, all of her fault, and it didn’t help that others did not spend great moments of time, telling her how sorry they felt for her. No one particular was on her side. Instead she found conversations to be made out of  tears, and sadness, memories, and insurance companies.

She had screwed up big time, and at 17 years of age, she thought she knew everything. She had a girlfriend spend the night a few weeks ago, and they had sneaked out of the house and went to the closest drug store and had bought one bottle of cheap wine, and a pack of cigarettes.

After returning home, they snuck back into her bedroom, and began their adventure of drinking their first sips of alcohol, and smoking their first smoke. The wine made them dizzy and giggly and adding a mouthful of smoke on top of it, made the two girls too relaxed.

It was supposed to be a fun evening, with studying, fixing and eating snacks, and staying up real late,  but instead, the girls were tipsy and too light-headed, and ended up falling asleep earlier than planned, with lit cigarettes in between their fingers.

Now that she was standing here looking at how she had ruined so many lives, by throwing  caution to the wind, and wanting to show everyone that  they were big stuff, she instead, learned a valuable lesson of responsibility and how your actions can affect others lives for ever.

One dumb mistake, one arrogant attitude, had cost her family their home. She carried this with her through out the re-building of  their new home, and after talking to school counselors a few times, she decided to turn this terrible guilt and tragedy into a positive thing in her life.

She took her good grades and applied them and her pen to the blank pages of a college application. She was accepted, and did very well for her four-year therapist program. Today, she is helping teens that are struggling with fitting in and being  accepted.



16 thoughts on “FWF, Free Write Friday

  1. lol first off… thank you and I am happy to be back 🙂

    and I adore stories with happy endings like this, where there is proof that people can change…another reason to have hope. And also, let me just say, you just get better and better with your writing. I love your descriptions, it’s prose and short story and poetry all and at its best. Nicely done, Terry. ♥

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be back reading you!


    • I realize that I have not known you for a very lengthy amount of time, but I have to be honest, while you were away, I really missed you. I think you are very smart, and full of compassion, and I love to write for you. Better yet, you enjoy reading what I write. We both win!!!! I have written, well almost written my first book. I have about three or four chapters left. As soon as I can figure out how to get it into book form, maybe you can read it. I don’t plan on making money, but I want to leave a legacy of me for others to hang on to.


      • Then all I can say is you have already succeeded! That is why I wanted to be published…to leave something behind. (def not the money lol)

        I am honored that you want me to read your book. Of course, I would love to!

        Thank you for your kind words, really makes me smile although…I am as human as they come and I too have my bad days (ask my hubby lol). I appreciate you and your loyalty to FWF. I am always pleased with you work and am never disappointed when i visit here. Big hugs to you! xox


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